Loot Crate November 2015 review

This month’s theme is ‘combat’ which has been covered with Blizzard, Fallout, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hunger Games and Street Fighter. The subjects include a range of mediums, from video games through to TV and film which should hopefully cater for a lot of people’s interests. The items are good quality this month so even if you aren’t a particular fan of its subject, the items themselves may help to make up for it.


My favourite item in the crate this month was the Blizzard vinyl figure, which was Arthas from World of Warcraft. This being my favourite heavily depended on the particular one that I got because the figures are in blind boxes with several possibilities, if I had gotten a Murloc figure I would have been bitter. Although if you plan on collecting the full set then any figure you don’t already have is great. There is also the chance of getting a Loot Crate exclusive Murloc, which would be an added bonus to your collection that you would otherwise miss. Aside from this the vinyl figure feels like good quality and it is worth the money if you get the one that you want.


This month there are two figures! It is exciting. The inclusion of a Vault Boy bobblehead is timed well to fulfill the needs of all the people currently in Fallout frenzy from the new game release last month. It is a (Loot Crate exclusive) bobblehead which is 6 inches tall and is set in a Loot Crate exclusive pose, you won’t find this pose anywhere else. I’m not sure how much I care about the exclusive pose of the bobblehead, it’s kind of insignificant. On the other hand a bobblehead Vault Boy is worth the money, exclusive or not, it feels sturdy and is presented very well.


The pin is another timely item due to the recent release of the new Hunger Games installment, as this pin is modelled after the mockingjay from the Hunger Games. It is made from metal and has a removable clasp on the back. The pin is really sturdy and in my opinion should survive some heavy arena combat. It can also be used to pledge your support for Katniss and recognise your fellow fans. It is a great addition for a lapel or backpack that you can keep with you everywhere you go.



The rest of the items in the crate were what I would call added extras, not substantial items but something else added just to fill it up. There were Blizzard magnets which covered a number of different Blizzard games, I recognised Diablo, World of Warcraft and Starcraft. They are small sticker-esque magnets that you could stick on your fridge, PC case or anywhere else you can find that is metal. There is a sunglasses/mask item based off of Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Heroes in a half shell, turtle power!), it is made from plastic and I don’t think I would wear it much, it’s just a bit too over the top for me but someone else might enjoy it. Finally there is also a Loot Crate exclusive comic book that has mashed together Loot Crate and Street Fighter, the story involves both and it is actually integrated quite well. The comic isn’t really going to change the value of the crate and in my opinion it is more for Loot Crate themselves than fans of Street Fighter.

DSC_0634 DSC_0636 DSC_0635

This month’s crate had two figures which was a plus because I love the figures. It has been a while since Loot Crate has included filler items and I did say back when they had stopped including them that I was a fan of the minimal but higher grade content. I feel as though this month didn’t lose the overall quality despite the filler content. The main items which were the Blizzard figure, the Vault Boy bobblehead and the Hunger Games pin are good value. The rest is good but the inclusion doesn’t make it a game changer, still, I will have some fun finding places to put my new magnets.

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