Loot Crate Level Up – November 2015: Combat

Loot Crate Level up - November Items

Loot Crate Level Up - Items and Packaging

Loot Crate Level Up is an expansion of the original Loot Crate subscription box, it limits the type of items to clothing, accessories and socks. This subscription box would be for people who already love Loot Crate but want more of the premium wearables than they normally get. The crate will usually have two pairs of socks, one t-shirt, and accessories. There is also an option on the website to break the subscription down and receive only one type of item, for example you can just receive the level up socks each month for a reduced price. So if you are a sock aficionado then you can save money and only pick up what you want.


The Loot Crate Level Up subscription continues the trend of other Loot Crate(s) and uses themes for the month’s content, this crate’s theme is ‘Combat’ which offered them a decent scope in which to search for the items. The fan favourites included were; Fallout, Hunger Games, Attack on Titan and Zombie Corps. I’m not really a fan of the Hunger Games but overall I really loved the included items, all of them looked great which is important when considering wearables.

Attack on Titan t-shirt

The t-shirt design is based on Attack on Titan, it has the logo of the Scout Regiment on it and Loot Crate did a really good job on this one, it looks fashionable which is important. Even if a t-shirt’s design is from my favourite show, I will think twice about wearing it if it looks like it should be in a bargain bin. Thank you Loot Crate for bringing fashion and geek clothing into my life, I am blessed. I can wear this t-shirt with pride. The t-shirt is made by ‘Ripple Junction’ who create a wide variety of graphic t-shirts, the t-shirt is 100% cotton and it feels quality. It does fit a little tight but in my experience that is true of most raglan t-shirts. Rest assured that the t-shirts included in Level Up are up to standard and worth paying for.

Level Up socks

I must confess that I have a habit of picking up multi-packs of the cheapest socks I can find which usually come in a single colour. That is what made this Level Up crate so great, multi-coloured socks! I am excited about those, my Wife is too (unfortunately), I caught her wearing the vault boy pair before I even got a chance to. The designs on the socks come from Fallout and Zombie Corps, I wondered what people who are uninitiated with Fallout think when they see my blue socks with cartoon heads all over them, but then I remember, these look great and so I keep on steppin’. I’ve established that the socks look great but do they feel great? They do, they are what you would expect a good pair of socks to feel like, they have some stretch to match your foot size and they are soft for maximum ‘foot feel. Men, for best results; wear with dress shoes and a suit.


The included bag is also based off of Fallout, with the design featuring ‘Nuka Cola’, the in-game drink. On first inspection the bag is just a rolled up ball but it opens out into a full sized tote bag that holds a substantial amount. When I first opened it up to full size I was dubious whether or not it would fold back into itself as easily as it unfolded but I was surprised to find that it was quite a simple task. It means that you can carry around this bag in a backpack or handbag for when you need it most, always available. Personally, I didn’t feel like the bag was my style and in that regard it’s not something I would carry around but having it to hand in a pinch would be very useful. It’s important to note that the material and construction of the bag feels strong so it shouldn’t break mid-walk home, sending it’s contents everywhere. A perfect solution  for those who may need a new ‘bag for life’ to carry their grocery shopping home.

Hunger Games necklace

The final item is the Hunger Games necklace, it is made from metal and looks like the real deal. A great movie prop to add to your fashion collection. I tested the chain that it comes with for durability by giving it a few sharp tugs to see how it would hold up and it did a good job holding steady. I can’t say that this item is something that I would use but it is something my Wife is interested in, I would imagine it has more appeal to women than men. Something to consider if you are looking into this subscription, that you may get stuck with items that favour one gender over another. They would make great gifts though, re-gift.


Loot Crate are catering for people who are more interested in the wearable items in the regular Loot Crate subscription and this is a great option for those people. It is up to the usual high standard of other Loot Crate subscription boxes and so great quality can be expected. There is a higher risk of unwanted items in my opinion because clothing designs can be so subjective, you may get stuck with items that don’t fit, suit or interest you. Although I feel like they cover a wide range of favourites that should appeal to most people and it’s hard to go wrong with socks, man, I love those socks.

Our score: 9.8/ 10

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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