LifeBox – Energy November 2018

LifeBox is a monthly collection of natural snacks, drinks and ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle. All items are vegan, and gluten and dairy free. It costs from £22.95 per month, including postage.

This box is the Energy version, which is designed to support activity and recovery for both men & women. As t happens, there might be occasional items which are not vegan in this version of the box, but it’s very rare.

The box is quite heavy, there’s plenty in there!

On top you can see their monthly booklet.

It tells you a little about the month’s contents, and also has some recipes, some using ingredients from the box. It’s a really thoughtful addition.

Here’s the menu card. A list of everything inside.

This is a GB Chew Healthy Slice. This one is a Baobab Almond Brownie, though there are other varieties available. It’s a nice energy bar, very rich and chocolaty. It’s also organic, which is great.

This month’s drink is a Humble Warrior Tiger Spring Elixir. These organic plant-based drinks aren’t exactly sweet, but they certainly taste like they’re healthy.

There’s also a single sample of Joe’s Tea, I’ve got the Queen of Green variety. Green tea is a nice alternative to regular black tea, and it’s caffeinated as well.

This Kiki Health Pure Marine Collagen is a great supplement. It’s in powder form, so you can mix it into drinks or yoghurt. I’m ambivalent about some supplements, but I really like collagen, it’s one of the things that seems to have some really good scientific backing for its benefits.

Leitchy Creates Chia Seed Pudding is a little bit of healthy indulgence. It’s super easy to make, simply mix with water or whatever milk you like, leave in the fridge, and the next day you have a nice little pot of pudding. It’s also vegan.

Munchy Seeds are very yummy. I’ve only tried the delicious savory variety, but these Salted Caramel ones are pretty good too! You can throw this snack pack in your bag for eating on the go.

There’s a recipe in the booklet that includes this Nutristrength Smooth Coffee Pea Protein. It sounds quite nice, but there are quite a few ingredients, so I think I’d be more likely to just blend this with milk and possibly some espresso for a protein iced coffee!

For some reason I didn’t take a picture of the Nutristrength Electrolyte Blend, but it’s a sachet of a hydrating blend of coconut water powder and Himalayan salt. This would be useful after a particularly sweaty workout, or save it for when you’re feeling unwell and dehydrated.

I’ve used Optiat products before and they’re brillant. This Optiat Paper Kit contains two sachets of their coffee scrub, which uses repurposed coffee grounds. These scrubs look alarming when you try them, but they are fantastic for your skin, plus they smell lovely.

It’s always nice to have a chocolate bar, and this Raw Halo Chocolate Bar is very good indeed, much better than other raw chocolate I’ve tried.

Shore Seaweed Puffs are a gorgeous savory snack. They’re light and crispy, and seaweed has a ton of good nutritional stuff in it.

I’ve been waiting for beef jerky to show up in a box! This is The Curators Beef Jerky and it’s the perfect snack. Plenty of protein, low in calories, and delicious.

This is a 5 day supply of Together Health Multibiotic Vegecaps. These use fermented fruit and veg to produce a multibiotic that’s great for digestive support.

Finally, something else for your skin, Westlab Pink Himalayan Shower Gel. This mineral-rich soap free gel is great for sensitive skins.

My favourite item this month is definitely the beef jerky, because it’s one of my favorite things to snack on!

The one thing I’m less keen on is the pea protein, simply because I prefer protein to be unflavoured.

I really like the addition of skincare, because when you put on your skin is important too!

Lifebox does incredibly well with organic products, and even though not everything is organic, products are sustainable, and often supporting small businesses and producers. A lot of things are vegan, though this Energy box isn’t because of things like the collagen and jerky. If you want a purely vegan box the other option is Classic. The Energy box has more of an emphasis on protein.

This is a terrific box to kickstart or support a healthy lifestyle, and also a great way to discover new and delicious products.



Our score: 9.6/ 10

A well-balanced selection of snacks, supplements, and skincare products.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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Rating: 3.5/5. From 36 votes.
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