LifeBox – Energy August 2018

LifeBox is a monthly collection of natural snacks, drinks and ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle. All items are vegan, and gluten and dairy free. It costs from £22.95 per month, including postage.

This box is the Energy version, which is designed to support activity and recovery for both men & women.

The box is quite large and heavy, so you’ll need to be in to receive it, or collect it later.

There’s a nice booklet, which includes recipes!

There are five in total, some of which use ingredients this this month’s box.

These are 5th Season Pure Fruit Bites. These little fruity crunchy bites are delicious and low in calories, so you get a great hit of sweetness without worrying about all the calories! They’re also 100% fruit with nothing added.

This Aduna Super Tea Pyramid is a herbal blend that supports skin health and promotes a healthy glow.

Cool Cold Brew Coconut Latte is a great way to get a dairy-free hit of caffeine! It’s delicious straight from the fridge, and the coconut makes it very creamy.

This is a lovely savory snack, Indie Bay Sperseed Pretzel Bites. They are crunchy and delicious, and they have a nice amount of protein in them.

Mara Furikaka Seaweed Seasoning is a really tasty way to jazz up your food. You can add it to almost anything, but it works very well with fish and rice. You get a lovely salty depth of flavour, and seaweed also is a great source of nutrients.

Little packets of nut butter are very useful to have as a handy snack, and this Mindful Bites Hazelnut and Berries Nut Butter is a lovely treat when you need and extra hit of energy and protein.

This Nobo Chocolate Disc is definitely a treat item, but this milk chocolate is specially made with nut butter and coconut to contain no dairy! It’s absolutely delicious, and mint chocolate is one of my favourite flavours.

OK Granola has no gluten, refined sugar, or wheat, and it’s delicious! It contains coconut, and is all handmade by a small company in Hackney. It’s great with milk or as a topping, but you can just eat it as it is.

It’s always useful to have an energy bar to hand, and this all natural Pollen & Grace Super Squares Snack Bar  is perfect when you’re on the go. It’s completely vegan too.

Here’s a 3 day supply of Super U Clean Greens Superfood Blend. There’s a lovely smoothie recipe in the booklet, but you can add it to anything, juice, yogurt, or even just mix it with water.

Sweetpea Pantry makes baking mixes from real ingredients, with gluten and dairy free options. This one is an Energy Ball Mix, and you simply mix the dry ingredients with a little nut butter plus maple syrup or similar, and roll into balls.

Finally, a package of Urban Fermentary Lil Kim Chi Original Sesame Kimchi. Fermented food is probiotic and extremely good for gut health, and kimchi is a great addition to your diet. There’s also a recipe in the booklet for Bibimbap, which includes kimchi.

These are all great items, but I especially love the granola, the nut butter, and the kimchi. The Energy Ball Mix is a wonderful idea, because energy balls are a great snack but they often require lots of different flours so are a bit of a nuisance to make. However all the dry ingredients are supplied, and it’s incredibly easy to mix yourself. It even tells you how many the pack makes, so you can deal with portion control.

The Superfood mix will be a nice addition to my protein shakes and smoothies. The seaweed seasoning is great to include, because it reminds you to cook something!

My favourite snack is the pretzel bites, because I love pretzels! These are a lot healthier than the ones I usually buy.

The only thing I’m not so interested in is the tea, because I don’t really drink herbal tea. However I know lots of people do, especially when they’re health conscious, so it’s still a nice addition. Plus I have friends who will appreciate me having herbal tea in the house!

I’m really happy with this selection. I love the mixture of sweet and savory snacks, and I love that protein is a consideration in several of the items. I lift, so protein-friendly snacks are very important to me!

‘Healthy’ treats are generally more expensive than processed rubbish, so this isn’t a budget option. However the value of this box is pretty good. I’ve checked the prices of individual items, and the total is more than the price of the box. It’s not hugely different, but the difference is certainly enough to make this worthwhile, especially when you take into account that delivery is included.






Our score: 9.2/ 10

A great way to discover healthy treats, support a healthy lifestyle, and even find some cooking inspiration!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products9

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