Lick My Dip October Box review


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Lick My Dip is a British hot sauce and snacks subscription box delivered to your door. Lick My Dip delivers a collection of the very best British artisan hot sauces, fiery snacks and chilli sundries every month.

Each month subscribers receive a full-size bottle of premium British hot and an ever-changing medley of other spicy goods all supported by complementary online content.

DSC_4934 DSC_4935

We got delivered our box in a branded cardboard box. In our house, we just love spicy food. There is always some sort of a spicy sauce, cayenne and pepper available on our dinner table. No wonder why we were so happy to explore this new box.

DSC_4937 DSC_4939

Here is what our box contained:

DSC_4946– Sidekick ‘Screaming Pepper’ Hot Sauce

Now this was something different. A nice taste but definetely spicy sauce. Perfect with our grilled chicken.




DSC_4947– Dr Burnorium ‘Psycho Corn’ Naga Popcorn

We love popcorn and we love spicy food. So our first impression was woooohooooo there might not be anything better on earth! Well not so fast. This piece of snack was sooo spicy we couldn’t quite finish the hole pack in a go! Definetely the hottest thing in the box!


– The Twisted Chilli ‘Tindaloo’ Curry MixDSC_4942

The pack definetely smells like heaven on earth. We will try this rub a go with our next dish and update the review very soon.




DSC_4940– Lick My Dip ‘Chilli Hornets’ Chilli & Cinnamon Sweets

We loved those. These candies were amazing. Delicious, sweet, spicy but very enjoyable.



Overall this box was really amazing. Surprising and quality products. A really enjoyable and fun way to discover new products. A perfect gift for your beloved ones if they enjoy spicy food.



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