Lick My Dip – September 2016: The Ultimate Box

Lick My Dip have introduced me to some amazing products over the last few months, and September’s curation managed to once again surprise me with a whole host of new and exciting chilli-related products. This time around The Ultimate Box delivered six interesting products, and I feel that this month’s offering is based around ways that you can use chilli as an everyday kitchen ingredient. Perfect for anyone who likes to spice up their homemade meals!

As always, the Lick My Dip black branded box arrived in perfect condition with plenty of bubble wrapping and cushioning to protect the products, so without further ado, let’s get stuck in and see what was inside.IMG_6826The Chilli Alchemist Purus Cayenne & Ghost Pepper Sauce (148ml bottle – RRP £4.99) 

Every month there’s usually at least one full-size bottle of hot sauce included, and this one from The Chilli Alchemist is definitely hot! Described as ‘the ultimate everyday hot sauce for the true chilli-head’, Purus contains a tongue-tingling blend of 70% fresh Ghost and Cayenne chillies. Despite it’s pure chilli heat, this sauce is very tasty, has a great texture, and can be used in lots of different ways such as a marinade, straight up dip or simply add it to any savoury dish that requires a good dose of chilli. Particularly delicious in a bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese! IMG_6828The Chilli Oil Company Habanero Extra Virgin Olive Oil (62.5ml pouch – RRP £2.50)

I regularly use chilli oils when I’m cooking, either as a fry oil, basting oil or simply as a dressing, and I absolutely love this one! The Chilli Oil Company have managed to take a simple ingredient like high quality Spanish extra virgin Olive Oil, and infused it with hot Habanero Mexican Chillies to create an incredible, full flavoured dressing oil. I’ve drizzled this over salads, pasta dishes and pizza (it’s amazing over pizza), and will need to check out the full-size bottle soon as this pouch is almost all gone! IMG_6831World Of Zing Sriracha Sea Salt (50g – RRP £1.95)

Another handy cooking ingredient to have in your kitchen cupboard is flavoured salt, so I was pleased to see this Sriracha infused one from the makers of World Of Zing, included in this month’s box. Made with La Baleine Sea Salt from the famous Aigues-Mortes saltworks in Camargue, France, this seasoning is great for adding a hot chilli kick to ordinary plain sides like potato wedges and homemade fries.IMG_6835 IMG_6838La Saucy Salsa Chilli & Garlic Sauce and Dip (170g -RRP £4.50)

Since coming back from my holiday in Barcelona last month, I’ve been seriously missing all of the wonderful Spanish food, but this salsa is definitely helping with those post-holiday blues. Based on a traditional Spanish recipe, this authentic salsa from the Canary Islands makes an ideal accompaniment to meat, fish, veggies and salads, and can also be used as a general dip alongside your tapas. I really like the addition of breadcrumbs in the salsa which give it a thicker texture, and the combination of Chilli, Garlic, Oil and Cumin will add flavour to any dish.IMG_6839 IMG_6840Sweet Heat Chilli Beer Mustard (190g – RRP £3.50)

Now this is one hot mustard! I could even smell how fiery this was going to be when I opened the jar. Check out all of that wholegrain mustard which has been infused with London Pride Beer and Naga Chillies. It’s an unusual combination that I never thought would have worked, but for some reason it does. Once you try a little bit, you start craving some more almost immediately. Tastes amazing on sandwiches, and a little certainly goes a long way.IMG_6845Stateside Treat Emporium Texas BBQ Chilli Chocolate (95g – RRP £3.75)

Speaking of unusual flavour combinations, they certainly don’t get any stranger than Beef Stock, Texas BBQ Spices and Chilli mixed with Milk Chocolate do they?! I have to admit that when I opened up the box, I detected a weird smell and yes, it was this bar of chocolate. I skipped the taste test as I’m a vegetarian, but my housemates were eager to try something so bizarre and different. Sadly though, no-one said that they liked this – perhaps it was just too weird?!

Aside from the chocolate, this was a great box and I can’t wait to experiment with more dishes that will incorporate all of these new ingredients.

Our score: 8.8/ 10

Favourites for me this month were the amazing La Saucy Salsa, and The Chilli Alchemist Purus sauce. Lots of interesting products that can be used as cooking ingredients this time around.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products8

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