Lick My Dip – October 2016: The Ultimate Box

I love a good themed box and to celebrate Halloween last month, Lick My Dip brought out a special ‘Spooky Edition’ for their October Ultimate Box. I was only really expecting there to be one or two themed products, so I was pleasantly surprised by how creative Lick My Dip have been with putting this box together. Kudos! Let’s take a closer look at the chilli-related contents shall we?IMG_7823Wiltshire Chilli Farm Peach Ghost (100ml – RRP £6 – Limited Edition)

I knew a ‘ghost’ hot sauce was going to have to feature in this Spooky Edition box! Very pleased to see this one from Wiltshire Chilli Farm as they are one of my favourite chilli sauce brands (they do an awesome scotch bonnet sauce that I’ve been buying for years), and I love how different it is to the other sauces that I currently have on the go in my kitchen cupboard. Peach Ghost is an incredibly hot and tasty sauce, with a subtle peach sweetness that works really well with the Ghost Chillies. Great on a burger, or added to chicken/fish/veggies for a hot kick.IMG_7826Thousand Hills Screaming Pumpkin Jam (125ml – Limited Edition)

It wouldn’t be a Halloween box without some pumpkin related treats and this interesting  jam from Thousand Hills, definitely ticks all of the right boxes. After a quick scan of the ingredients on the label, my eyes immediately saw the ‘7 Pot Brainstrain Chilli’, and I knew this was going to be a hot one. Apparently, this strain of chilli is so called because of its ability to heat seven pots of stew with just a small amount! I decided to proceed with some caution and spread only a tiny drop onto a slice of toast to see what it was like. Surprisingly, I only tasted a lovely smooth sweet and fruity jam at first and then wham! That chilli kicks in, but it does seem somewhat subdued by the sweetness of the jam. I’ve since tried this in a cheese sandwich and it adds a really nice heat, plus I love the overall pumpkin flavour.IMG_7829Cheeky Hot Chilli Hot Sprinkle (20g – RRP £2)

Cheeky’s Hot Chilli Sprinkle is a great product to use when you want to add instant spice to virtually anything. This blend is so tasty – there are red chillies ground up with roasted coconut and garlic, mixed with cumin spices and a little salt. Delicious! I’ve added a little to homemade Thai curries, and it also works well added to any sauce, rub or marinade.IMG_7831Farraday’s Tasty The Weeper Reaper (145ml)

With a name like ‘Weeper Reaper’, and all of those caution/warning signs, you know this is going to be hot! It’s a proper fiery hot Chilli sauce with 18% Naga Chillies, 5% Cayenne Chilli and 3% Birds Eye Chilli. An intense heat with a sweet tang, it’s a great addition to any true chilli heads stash.IMG_7833Holy Lama Black Pepper Spice Drops (5ml, £3.50)

I always enjoy receiving innovative and different cooking ingredients in food boxes, and this concentrated liquid formula of Black Pepper extract is something that I never would have tried or picked up for myself in the supermarket. One drop is the equivalent of ten black peppercorns, giving your dish a serious dose of peppery heat. I’ll have to have a good play around with this to see what I’d use it in.IMG_7837Jamie’s Popped Corn Company Fresh Chilli & Pumpkin Seed Caramel Popcorn  (50g – RRP £3)

The last item in the box is a sweet treat from Jamie’s Popped Corn Company. An awesome caramel popcorn mixed with pumpkin seed and fresh chilli – it’s crunchy and sweet with a lovely subtle chilli kick to it. I’ve tried a couple of chilli based popcorns before, but the quality of this one is exceptionally good and it’s not too hot so you can happily munch through the whole bag without any trouble.

I absolutely loved this Halloween themed box from Lick My Dip – you can tell a lot of effort has gone into choosing the products, and again it’s another good mix of different chilli heats and flavours.

Our score: 9.0/ 10

Really cool Halloween themed box - my favourite products were the Wiltshire Chilli Farm Peach Ghost sauce, the Pumpkin Chilli Popcorn and the Weeper Reaper sauce.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products9

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