Lick My Dip – November 2016: The Ultimate Box

Following on from last month’s awesome Halloween themed box, I was excited to see what Lick My Dip were going to pull out of the bag for November’s box. If you’re new to Lick My Dip, they’re a monthly foodie subscription box with a difference – everything is hot sauce and chilli inspired!  Their team sources some of the best and most innovative chilli products from a wide range of artisan producers and independent companies. I’ve been introduced to some amazing products over the past couple of months, and their boxes are a great way to add some hot spice and inspiration to your home cooked meals. Everything comes well packaged in a sturdy black cardboard box which is delivered by Royal Mail (always a bonus in my book!).

Below are the contents for November’s Ultimate Lick My Dip Box:-img_8188East Coast Chilli Company Midnight 21 Reaper Sauce (206g – RRP £4.95)

Midnight 21 Reaper Sauce is the latest creation by the East Coast Chilli Company, and boy does it pack a punch in the flavour and heat department! Midnight 21 has a strong base of honey and soy sauce, but don’t fooled, there are still 3% Carolina Reaper Chillies in this mix and they provide a seriously fiery kick at the end. It’s deliciously sweet, salty and spicy all at the same time. I’ve tried it over traditional Chinese takeaway dishes to give them a different twist, and my sister has enjoyed it over chicken and fish. Very versatile and unique.img_8191Chilli Mash Company Scotch Bonnet Chilli Mash (125ml – RRP £4.95)

Most chilli sauces that I use are either straight up hot sauces or some kind of marinade, so it was interesting to try out this one which is more like a purée. Composed of just three ingredients, Scotch Bonnet Chillies (70%), Cyder Vinegar and Salt, this chilli mash can be used to liven up many dishes as you just use a tiny amount in place of what you would use fresh chillies for. I haven’t cooked with it yet, but I’ve given it a tasting by adding a teaspoon into guacamole which made a great spicy dip for nachos. It’s safe to say that this is a hot one!

The Chilli Mash Company came together as a joint venture between Muschemi Fire and Thousand Hills, and they’re currently the only major scale chilli mash fermenters in the UK, so thank you Lick My Dip for including them.img_8196Karkli Fiery Ghost Naga Chillies Snack (40g – RRP £1.50)

These Indian inspired, lentil based snacks are handmade and are seasoned with a special blend of spices which includes the famous Ghost Naga Chillies. They’re wonderfully crunchy and taste similar to the lentil pieces you get in a good Bombay Mix, but with a thicker, more satisfying texture. A really cool alternative to have instead of a bag of crisps with a cold beer or cider – watch out for that hot Ghost Naga Chilli bite at the end though! Gluten free and suitable for vegans.img_8197Jimmy Ginger’s Heat Sauce (250ml – RRP £4.50)

With a name like ‘Heat’, I was preparing myself for the worst, but this hot sauce is one of the tastiest I’ve ever tried. Made with 3% super hot chillies (Trinidad Scorpion and Dorset Naga), Heat is a delicious and versatile hot sauce that you can use on virtually everything. It has an almost zingy/tangy aftertaste, and works amazingly well in spaghetti bolognese and five bean chilli dishes. I’ve also tried a splash on cheese on toast and it was SO good!img_8199Kinomi by Hiromi Stone Pori Pori Almonds (40g – RRP £3)

Hiromi Stone is a Japanese cook who has developed her knowledge for good food into a range of moreish snacks made with the finest ingredients. These Pori Pori Almonds are organic and seasoned with a gluten free Soy Sauce, Sake, Kombu, Amchur and Red Jalapenos. They’re seriously moreish and it’s so hard to not eat the entire tube in one sitting! Deliciously smokey with a subtle chilli spice that adds to the overall flavour but doesn’t dominate it. Gluten free and vegan.img_8200 img_8201Crunchy Critters Chilli Chapulines (10g- RRP £3.20)

I have to admit that I almost screamed when I pulled this out of the box! I’m not good when it comes to insects but luckily I live in a shared student house with people who are far more adventurous than I am so this was soon passed around! These are chilli seasoned dehydrated grasshoppers which are sustainably sourced from Mexico. They’re high in protein and low in carbohydrates, making them an ideal low-fat snack. Taste wise? Well, I managed to duck out of these as I’m a vegetarian (and even if I wasn’t, I think I’d be too squeamish to try them!), but friends who ate them said they were ‘nutty’, ‘crunchy’, and had a ‘mild chilli’ flavour.

An interesting array of chilli food products that had a good mix of sauces and savoury snacks – one to consider as a gift subscription for Christmas if you’re looking for something different!

Our score: 9.0/ 10

I liked the mix of sauces and savoury snacks, and I particularly loved the Midnight 21 and Heat sauces. The Pori Pori Almonds were also out of this world and I'd love to see more gluten-free and vegan products included in future boxes.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products8

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