Lick My Dip – April 2017: The Ultimate Box

This month’s Lick My Dip box arrived about a week ago and it felt slightly heavier than usual which can sometimes be a good thing with subscription boxes! If you’re new to Lick My Dip, they’re a monthly subscription box that’s aimed at anyone who loves hot sauces and chilli related foods, and they really don’t shy away from including some of the hottest products on the market, so if you’re a self-confessed chilli head, you won’t be disappointed!

Their boxes contain a surprise selection of products which are sourced from artisan and independent chilli producers. It’s a real pleasure getting to try out lots of new spicy foodie treats every month as you won’t find these in your local supermarket, and I think buying a subscription box like this is a really helpful way that you can support smaller independent, British companies.

With Lick My Dip, you can choose from two different levels of subscription depending on your budget and how many products that you’d like to receive each month. They have a Taste Box that contains three products which is priced from £12.49 per month, or the larger Ultimate Box which is priced from £24.49 per month and contains up to six products.

Below are the contents of April’s Ultimate Lick My Dip box to give you an idea of the kind of products that you can expect to receive from them:-Screaming Chimp Chilli Sauce Original Hot Sauce

I love good graphic design and I was instantly drawn to this cool packaging from Screaming Chimp when I pulled the bottle out of the box. This is the company’s Original Hot Sauce, and it’s made from a super hot blend of UK grown Ghost Peppers, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, Fatali, Scotch Bonnet and Aji Lemon chillies. It really packs a fiery punch and works well with any kind of meat or fish dish, as well as a dipping sauce for chips and side veggies. Lick My Dip have said that this hot sauce is their ‘find of the month’, and I have to agree as it’s also my favourite product from this month’s box too!Tan Rosie’s Garlic & Pepper Sauce 

I’ve tried some sauces from Tan Rosie before, but this one is new to me. It won a Gold Star Great Taste Award back in 2011 and I can see why – it’s absolutely delicious and very different to most of the sauces that I currently have in my cupboard. Made with Scotch Bonnets and infused with lots of Garlic, it adds a hot Carribean style twist to any meal and it’s  been really popular with my housemates at dinner time. A fantastic versatile and lively sauce to have in your kitchen.Grim Reaper Incinerator Extra Virgin Oak Smoked Chilli Oil

Chilli oils are a great way to add some heat to your meal and this one is a definite winner! It features a high-quality English Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil that’s not only been infused with a decent amount of Chilli, but the oil itself has also been smoked which gives it a really unique and interesting flavour. It’s amazing to use with your barbeque foods, and tastes great drizzled on pizza or salads for when you want a spicy kick!Taking The Pea Wasabi Peas

This bag of wasabi-coated peas didn’t last long I’m afraid. They were insanely moreish and crunchy, and went down well with a nice cold glass of cider. Mmmmmmm.Bernie Bumm Rim Ripper Peanuts

Sadly, I can’t say the same for these peanuts which had everyone who tried them crying; first with laughter at the hilarious logo and name of the company, and then secondly with pain after eating a couple of these peanuts! They’re coated with a lot of Carolina Reaper Chilli powder (and there’s some Naga Chilli powder in there too, just in case you didn’t think they were hot enough with the Carolina Reaper alone), and I have to admit that I found these too hot to handle even for me. They are fun to taunt guests with though!Nifty Nut Butters Spicy Cajun Cashew Butter

The last product in this month’s Lick My Dip Ultimate box is a Spicy Cajun Cashew Butter from the Nifty Nut Butters company who have created a deliciously smooth cashew butter that’s blended with some cajun style spices for an awesome savoury spicy flavour. I’ve been using this mainly in stir fries and it makes a mean satay sauce for those who want to increase the level of heat in their meal. Brilliant stuff.

Our score: 9.4/ 10

I really enjoyed this month's Lick My Dip Box - the Screaming Chimp Hot Sauce and the Tan Rosie Garlic & Pepper Sauce are new hot sauce favourites and I'm so happy to have found a spicy nut butter to liven up my stir fries!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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