Lick My Dip – April 2016: The Ultimate Box

Confession time: if you decided to have a look into my fridge right now, you’ll probably find some leftover pizza, a few bottles of cider and a LOT of hot sauces (typical student fridge right?!). I am a massive hot sauce fan and firmly live by the motto of the ‘hotter and spicier something is, the better it is’. With this in mind, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to discover a subscription box called Lick My Dip that is focused entirely around hot sauces and spicy foods. Hell yes!

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Lick My Dip, which is the best name for a subscription box ever, offers customers two different types of boxes which are delivered to you every month. You can choose from their Taste box (priced from £12.49), which contains a hot sauce and 2 other spicy food related products, or you can get their Ultimate box (priced from £24.49) that will have 6-8 premium hot sauce and spicy food items. They kindly sent me one of the previous Ultimate boxes to try out and it comes packaged in this cool branded box that you can see above.

IMG_4158There’s a handy leaflet inside which details all of the products that are featured that month and provides some useful serving suggestions for how you can use them. Inside Lick My Dip’s April Ultimate box, I found six products and I’m happy to say that everything was packaged very well with plenty of paper cushioning. The glass items were also wrapped individually in bubble wrap to ensure safe arrival so you can subscribe with confidence.


Tubby Tom’s The Squealer Hot Sauce (150g bottle)

I love the name of this hot sauce which is handmade by Tubby Tom himself in Gloucester. The Squealer is described as a ‘straight up Scotch Bonnet sauce’ and is made with fresh chillies blended raw to bring out their fresh zesty persona! I tried this on some nachos over the weekend and it was amazing. It’s hot as you would expect from anything made from Scotch Bonnets, but it’s a pleasant heat with lots of extra flavour that has a little sweetness coming through. Gives a great kick to any meat or veggie dish, and works well as a dipping sauce too. Well done Tubby Tom!

IMG_4164 The Chili Jam Man Squealers Hot & Spicy Pork Scratchings (90g)

As I’m a vegetarian I didn’t try these but they were quickly devoured by my greedy housemates who were more than happy to give me a reviewing hand! The general feedback about these were that they ‘were some of the best pork scratchings they’d ever tasted’, with a ‘real crunch’ and ‘excellent spicy flavour’.

IMG_4169 Dartmoor Chilli Farm Orange Chilli Chocolate (100g bar)

Just typing the words ‘chilli chocolate’ makes me drool, and man, this bar was gooooood! Made with 72% pure Cocoa and 1% Ring Of Fire Chillies, this chocolate was the best marriage of high-quality dark cocoa with that slow subtle burn of chilli, mixed with a little orange oil for a zesty difference. No wonder it won a Great Taste Gold Award back in 2013. Needless to say, this bar didn’t last long in my house.

IMG_4170ChimouliS Chilli Salted Caramel

Now if there’s one thing that I like as much as love hot stuff, it’s salted caramel. I can happily eat salted caramel anything so I was smiling from ear to ear when I unwrapped this jar of amazingness from the box. Salted caramel and chilli – I’ve literally died and gone to heaven. This is incredible – a thick, smooth luxury caramel sauce that’s sweet and salty like you’d expect, and then boom, there’s a lovely chilli heat rising up at the end. Just sheer perfection.

IMG_4174  The Cambridge Chilli Sauce Co. Nagalade (110g jar)

I’ve tried a couple of chilli jams before, but this is by far the hottest one I’ve ever tasted. It’s made with just three ingredients; Bramley Apples, sugar and Naga Morich Peppers, and boy does it pack a punch! You can use it in multiple ways such as a glaze for grilled meats, stirred through some rice or couscous or like I did on a cheese sandwich and it was totally delicious. Normal cheese sandwiches will never taste the same again.


Seasoned Pioneers Vindaloo Spice Blend (38g pouch)

The sixth and final product from the box was this Vindaloo Spice Blend from Seasoned Pioneers. It’s a very hot blend of Cayenne chillies, Tumeric, Paprika, Mustard Seeds, Naga Jolokia chillies, Cinnamon and Cloves, and it makes a tasty hot curry. Using it was very easy as I just added a few teaspoons of the Vindaloo blend to some coconut milk and ghee, and then cooked it with some veggies for a beautiful curry that was done in under 30 minutes. I’ll definitely be trying more of the spice blends from this company!

I am so impressed with the variety of products in this Lick My Dip subscription box as I was wondering what kind of items they would be including when I first heard about them. All of the products are of a luxury / premium quality so the box is great value for money. I’d recommend it as a gift (Father’s Day is coming up….) and also as a treat for yourself if you love hot sauces and spicy food as it’s such a good way of finding some new products that you can’t get in your local supermarket.

For more info on Lick My Dip, visit their website:

Our score: 9.8/ 10

Amazing selection of hot sauce and spicy food items, and all high quality / premium products that you can't readily find in your local supermarket. Love it!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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