Letterbox Gifts – The Birthday Box

Letterbox Gifts delivers gorgeous gift boxes of goodies that are cleverly designed and packaged to fit though your letterbox.

They source from independent British companies, so you are supporting smaller suppliers.

The gifts are definitely aimed at the female market, and subscription options include Mother’s Day, Mother-To-Be, Birthday, For Her, and Wine.

A quick rundown on price: a three month subscription is £30 per month, and there’s a wine option is £22. You can also buy a wide variety of one-off boxes for around £35. First Class postage is included, which is very useful for last-minute panic buying, and you can also specify the date of the occasion and they will do their best to have it delivered on that day.

All items are sourced from independent, ethical British companies, so you’re supporting small business too!

I’ve received The Birthday Box. As you can see, the box is flat enough that it really does fit through the letterbox. The outer sleeve is nicely branded, with the address label on the other side. Inside there is a lovely gift box, that has the same branding but is properly sturdy. In fact, it’s nice enough to keep or use again!

Inside the treats are carefully wrapped in tissue. There is a card on top which will contain your personal message that you specify at the time of ordering.

And this is what is hiding under the tissue. I can see some fascinating boxes, and on the top is a card telling you what’s inside. There is also a lovely fruity smell when you open it up, you’ll see why in a moment.

Everything is bedded down in lovely shredded paper, which protects the items as well as looking very elegant.

Organic Base Birthday Kisses Lip Balm with Melissa Oil. Melissa oil is another name for lemon balm, which is reputed to have many therapeutic benefits, and this gorgeous lip balm smells wonderful and feels lovely on the skin. It’s all natural, made from beeswax and organic ingredients. The little tin is the perfect size to keep in your bag or by the bed.

The Three Luxury Glass Tealights are just right for having a relaxing candlelit bath. They are made from vegetable wax so leave no residue, and then the candle holders themselves can either be reused or recycled. The candles are also lemon scented, and burn for up to eight hours.

I love the little Matches too, the little glass bottle is adorable (and recyclable if you like) and there is a strike plate on the label. They’re so much prettier than a matchbox, and of course it’s a useful way of keeping matches away from moisture.

The Birthday Brew tea is the source of the delicious smell! Five teabags of a colourful fruity tisane, which tastes sweet and delicious and goes very well with cake. They come in a gorgeous little tin which will definitely find a happy home being reused when I’ve drunk all the tea.

I’ve left the Happy Birthday Blonde Chocolate for last, because this is absolutely my favourite thing. This amazing chocolate is made by The Chocolate Society, which is an artisan company that produces spectacular chocolate. Blonde chocolate is really special and quite unusual. It’s darker than white chocolate and tastes like it’s been caramelized. You can look it up, but believe me, it’s exceptional!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

I have to say that this really is a wonderful box of goodies and a really fantastic gift. I admit that that chocolate is the biggest win for me, but all the items have a real touch of luxury, from the packaging to the personal card, to the superb quality of all the contents. Little touches elevate the items, like the reusable containers, organic ingredients, matches to go with the candles so you don't have to run around looking for a lighter, and the initial aroma of the fruity tea as you open the box. This is an understated and incredibly elegant gift, and not only would I be thrilled for it to land on my doormat, I'd absolutely buy it for loved ones.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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