La Provence Gourmet Box: May 2016

Receiving the beautifully presented La Provence Gourmet Box was such a pleasure and as soon as I had unwrapped and opened the box I could see all the elements had been carefully wrapped to ensure all the treasures inside were protected in transit. The company La Gourmet Box have an array of taster boxes available to buy, both Spanish and French all hand selected by the founders for their excellence and taste. The concept of having boxes available by the French region is genius, as you get an authentic taste of the province as all the artisan items included have been developed and produced in the individual areas.

La Provence Gourmet Box has just that, all ten of the items have been carefully researched and chosen to display the delicacies on offer from Provence, to give you a real taste of the area from it’s local residents. What a delicious selection was waiting for me to sample and I set about arranging a table of utterly delicious French cuisine ready to try for myself and my other half for dinner. With the addition of a green salad, crusty bread and some cheese we had all we needed to accompany all the elements of the tasty box from Provence. I really haven’t found another food subscription service that rivals this popular brand, La Gourmet Box stands out from the crowd for it’s authenticity and of course for its outstanding cuisine.






From the Gavoty winery there was a light and refreshing Rosé, which perfectly matched the rest of the items and a great start to imagine you are in southern France sipping some local wine and enjoying the sun. We had the four terrine’s with some crusty bread, each offering a very individual taste of the region and all full of flavour. The Provençal tapenade, a vibrant terrine bursting with the flavours of the regions olives, capers and olive oil was one of my favourites and delicious on toasted crusty bread. We ate the Provençal Farigoule Tapenade on French toast and the unique flavours of the farigoule, the local liquor distilled from local thyme running through it. So delicious and wonderful accompanied by the Rosé.

When I think of southern France and in particular Provence, beautiful fragrant fields of lavender come to mind so it’s no surprise to see a product containing their treasured produce, in the shape of another tapenade – Provençale Lavender Terrine. Such an original idea and the blend of terrine with the aromatic scent and delicate flavour of their local lavender is just lovely – a real must try! Another Provençal delicacy is of course their beautiful figs and that is the main ingredient in the fourth tapenade – Provençal Fig Terrine, once known as the food of the gods and a really refreshing and different taste we really enjoyed with some salad and crusty bread. All four terrines are from the local family run business Les Oréliades who sell gourmet produce from their base in Salernes.





A final product to be enjoyed with some toasted or crusty bread is the La Petite Biquette (from Le Temps De Mets) an artisan mix of goat’s cheese and black olive in a tasty spread. We have already used the Herbs De Provence Blend in a rustic soup and I have to say it’s a world away from any other supermarket blend I have tried! Not just for soups and stews either as it is a perfect addition to roast vegetables, roast meats, sauces and any grilled or barbequed foods too. The blend of rosemary, thyme, basil, marjoram, oregano and chervil (among other herbs too) are all locally sourced which taste and smell amazing, just take care when opening the brown bag they are packaged in that the staple doesn’t fall into the mix as it did with me!

It was great to find some sweet additions to the box and the first was the Assorted Traditional Nougadets, all individually wrapped and to say they are mouthwatering is a complete understatement! Produced by Nougat Jonquier from a recipe developed in 1885 these Nougadets are as authentic as you can get from the region, made using no preservatives or additives and still prepared in the original traditional method they are sweet, tasty and devilishly moorish, expect to find a selection of the most popular Nougadet flavours, from fruity and floral to nutty and sweet, all as delicious as the last.

The second sweet offering is made from the chestnut groves of Collobrieres, known to be the chestnut capital of France and made by the artisan confectioners Confiserie Azuréenne. The Creme De Marron paste is a blend of chestnuts, sugar and vanilla, it’s a smooth paste which can be paired with a number of foods, from cheese to cake. So delicious and a perfect end to the meal – or at any time of the day!






The last item in the box was the artisan Provençal Honey Candy from Mon Terroir Provençal, the all natural sweets made with their world famous honey are a delight and have an old fashioned charm about them, the whole family enjoyed them and it was such a treat to sample them.

So there you have it the ten artisan goodies in this month’s La Provence Gourmet Box, all giving a delightful taste of the region and showcasing the best that Provence has to offer, priced at €54 I think it is excellent value for money and the opportunity to subscribe to receive a monthly gourmet box is a great idea if you are looking to explore authentic cuisine from France. The stand alone boxes such as this Provence Gourmet Box would make an ideal gift idea for any foodie or a treat for yourself and really don’t disappoint in products of flavours.

Our score: 8.9/ 10

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products8.5

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