La Box Quejadore – July 2016: The Paris Lifestyle Box

I have a friend from Paris who is eternally cool and sophisticated. She speaks English as well, if not better than me and travels all the time to places I’ve never heard of. She is the literal embodiment of the flawless Parisian. Now I’m sure that this is just because she’s a good and intelligent person, not because she lives in Paris. But just in case, I thought I’d try out La Box Quejadore, the Paris Lifestyle box.

La Box Quejadore - July 2016- The Paris Lifestyle Box sunglasses

Said friend has quite a collection of sunglasses so I’m pretty happy to add this Marc Labat pair with UV400 protective lenses. They feel as sturdy as plastic can be and the little silver hearts at the sides are pretty cute. I’m not sure how much use they’ll get in England but it’s always good to have a pair on hand in case hell freezes over and Manchester see’s some sun!

La Box Quejadore - July 2016- The Paris Lifestyle Box hair clip

The other Marc Labat item in the box was this bright blue fish shaped hair clip. I like how it’s both minimalist in design, and yet recognisable as a fish. It really looks nice and I may have worn it to the aquarium the other day since I’m just a giant nerd who likes to match hair accessories to activities.

La Box Quejadore - July 2016- The Paris Lifestyle Box CD

I’d never heard of Jeremy Kapone before, but I’m aways open to widening my limited musical knowledge. Apparently listening to the same few albums over and over again can get tiring. I really like him despite knowing near to no French! I kind of get a French version of The Shins vibe from him. Check the video out here!

La Box Quejadore - July 2016- The Paris Lifestyle Box Glov

Probably my favourite thing in this box is this Glov Quick Treat finger glove. It’s made of magnetic fibers- whatever they are and claims to remove water with only water. I think it’s easier with a splash of micellar water for tough mascara but it does the job. It’s not big enough to remove a full face but if I get my eye make-up off with this, it makes the following face wash less panda-like. A really useful little addition to my skincare regime!

La Box Quejadore - July 2016- The Paris Lifestyle Box Aveda

Another item I loved from this box was the Aveda Sun Care Hair and Body Cleanser. Now, I generally avoid these types of products because anything that claims to wash hair and body generally makes both of them a mess when you try. But, being the good reviewer, I took that bullet for you. And it turned out to be pretty amazing. My hair and body are washed clean without any adverse effect. It worked! And even though Aveda is pretty pricey, I’m considering buying this again. A full up mini-bottle like this would be a great suitcase space saver.

La Box Quejadore - July 2016- The Paris Lifestyle Box lipbalm

We had a slight hiccup when the lip balm didn’t come in the original shipment. I had to email, then got an email back saying the office was on holiday, then another was eventually sent it in a separate jiffy bag. Unfortunately, it’s very hard in consistency as well. I don’t like having to push quite so hard on my lips to apply, and warming it up is a bit of a pain. It does smell deliciously of Mango though!

Our score: 8.4/ 10

Overall, I really liked this box! Everything was put to use, even the packaging box that now holds my meagre sunglasses collection. I may not be as chic as my French friend but I'm probably.. 10% cooler for receiving this box.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery6
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products10

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