La Bonne Box, french gourmet box

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La bonne box – June

I received LaBonneBox for the month of June, I tested and tasted it for you.  LaBonneBox is a French Gourmet foodbox, including mostly French products, but also some Mediterranean flavors.


Packaging was fine and robust. You could see some scratches on the outside packaging, with no impact on the inside. It was delivered pretty fast, just a couple of days after I ordered it.

Let’s talk about the content in details. This is what you will find in the box:


Les petits cagniotes from France: Salty cookies from Vendée (somewhere in France)
These little crackers amazed me. What a surprised to discover they are actually salty: A very good match for aperitif.
The box includes 2 different sets: Cheese & Garlic: Garlic has a little stronger taste, while cheese smells really good.


White and Pink Porto from Portugal:
While white porto is somewhat standard, pink porto is really surprising with it’s light sweet taste. Both bottles are 5cl.
Also the menu includes a recipe for Cruz Pink Mojito. I am not really a cocktail person, but it seems pretty easy to make.


Pistachio appetizers from Greece:
Now you are thinking: “A pistachio is a pistachio”. Well you are right. We were not able to find anything special in the taste of those. All I can say is that they come from Greece, which is sort of nice and could impress your friends after a glass or two.


Truffle crisp from Spain:
These potato crisps are not only very special, but also very addictive. Once you started eating these very delectable crisps, you won’t be able to stop. The flavor is very strong and actually pretty salty. The truffle taste comes strong on mouth. But you are going to eat them all really fast. I have to admit 1.4 Oz is definitely not enough.


Three sample spreads from France:
All you need to find is a French baguette, and you are ready to try those. The menu indicates you can also use pita or blinis. You could also use these to cook special dishes (a recipe is included with one of them),

Included spreads are:
– Artichoke cream with white pepper
– Eggplant caviar dip with Espelette pimento
– Pepper cream with tarragon
I definitely loved the artichoke cream, which goes very well with the pink porto. My guests ate most of the two other creams so I could hardly review them, except that they finished it all very fast, which is always a good sign!

This box contains plenty of delicious products. We were 3 to share the content of this box. Food was definitely enough, while 2 small bottles of porto were more for tasting than actually enough.
The content of this box was really surprising and helped me discover new flavors (truffle crisps rocks) and my friends enjoyed it too!
I’ll definitely recommend it!

Live every month special gourmet moments. Discover every month a surprise selection of great products. Savor them following included advises and recipes.
La Bonne Box, a very simple concept:
1) Get a box per month, containing delicious surprises around a new theme every time.
2) Discover new ways to cook, thanks to our little secrets and recipes from our French chef.
3) Share with your friends what you discovered, and find your preferred products in the online shop.

25€ per month (Approx £18) + delivery.

None at the moment.

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