Kick ass crate – October


This box absolutely lives up to its kick ass name! For the first time ever I have found a subscription box that is full of products that are useable, nothing has stayed in the box collecting dust. Every product is of very good quality and to be honest just plain old fun!! Not to mention all from films that everyone will know ( and love ), there is no products in there for the sake of quantity.

I have lived in this Star Wars t-shirt since I got it and have already been asked several times where I got it from. Super comfy and amazing quality, the entire box is only £24.99 which I would happily pay for the t-shirt alone and I don’t think there is a single person in the whole world that’s not heard of Star wars.


I love books as much as I love movies, and I may have let out a little squeal when I saw it was an Iron man book ( By far my favourite marvel character ). Although I haven’t read the book yet ( it’s on my bed stand and will be the next book I read ) having a book makes the box last that little bit longer and bridges the gap between boxes so by the time I have read it I won’t have long to wait before receiving the next box, perfect!


If you ever want to feel like a boss at work than you need a Star Wars, Captain Phasma mug. It has taken pride of place on my desk, I have spent hours pretending that my work colleagues are stormtroopers and I’m their commander ( I even make all the right noises ).


And because you absolutely need a kick ass coaster to go with your mug, that’s covered to in the form of batman. Which is now sitting in a prime position on my desk.


My house keys are looking more fabulous than ever with my new suicide squad and Captain America keyrings. Pocket pop is definitely perfect for me ( my collection of pops is coming along nicely, I’m extremely proud ). And I was slightly more excited than I should have been to get a villain ( but villains have more fun ). As for my suicide squad keyring I was so freakin excited to see I got Deadset, my absolute favourite from the movie ( although I am rather biased when it comes to Will Smith, if I forget that I-Robot was ever made ).


The box came with the perfect magazine which tells you how a product is linked to a film ( although each product is already well known enough, even if you don’t really love movies you will recognise every film featured in this box ).  My favourite part of the magazine has to be the rotten tomatoes round up, I always check the rotten tomatoes reviews of films, because let’s face it sometimes their reviews are better than the actual film.

This box is perfect for everyone! My 10 year old brother is extremely jealous right now and my boyfriend tried stealing my mug but I’m definitely not ready to share.

Our score: 9.6/ 10

The perfect box for movie lovers! Great selection of products from big named movies. This box is truly kick mass!!!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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Kick-Ass Crate

  • Movie Themed Merchandise
  • From £24.99

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Kick-Ass Crate

  • Movie Themed Merchandise
  • From £24.99