Kawaii Box – August 2020 Pika Pika Star Festival!

The Kawaii Box is exactly what it sounds like: a box fulled with super cute things! It comes from Japan, which leads the market in all things adorable, and contains a selection of plushie, yummy, wearable, stationery, and practical, all of which are cute! You’ll also get premium brands such as Sanrio and Pusheen.

It is priced at $21.90 a month, which is around £17.50 depending on the exchange rate.

Such a cute box! It’s not a huge box, it actually fits though our large letter box, but it’s incredible what they managed to fit in.

This month’s theme is Pika Pika Star Festival! The Star Festival occurs in August, and pika pika means shining.  So we’re thinking shiny and starry for this month!

The largest item this month is a Sumikko Gurashi Drawstring Pouch. These cute little San-X series is very popular, and the name literally means ‘living in the corner’, reflecting the shyness of the little characters. This is a lovely bag to use as a small sponge bag or makeup pouch, or really anything you like!

This is one of a range of Sanrio Character Lucky Plushies. This little guy is called Keroppi, and he is a frog. who loves in Donut Pond. This plushie has a jingling bell for good luck, and a chain so he can be hing on a bag or keychain.

This is a Japanese Candy Bar Eraser. Technically this is cereal rather than candy, because Froot Ring is the Korean name for Froot Loops cereal. But it’s very cute, almost too nice to use!

This Twinkle Star Pen is great for this month’s theme, plus during the Star Festival it’s traditional to write about your wishes. These pens are also excellent, really long lasting.

Cute hair accessories are always fun, and these are a Sweet Donut Hair Tie Set.

These Summer Party Minature Notebooks are perfect to pair with the star pen! Technically there should only be one in a box, but it looks like two were put in by accident, which is probably pretty easy to do considering how many of these boxes there are! But anyway, super cute and really handy to have on your keychain.

These are Kawaii Sticker Flakes. Sticker flakes are very tiny stickers designed to decorate letters, cards, journals etc. They are frequently glittery or holographic.

These are a funny mixture of musical and magical, with cats and unicorns! A slightly strange combination, but they do look adorable.

Finally, the sweet treat this month is a Puku Puku Salty Watermelon Taiyaki Wafer. Taiyaki is actually a type of street food, a fish shaped cake with a sweet filling. This is a chocolate and wafer version, and it comes in several varieties. I’ve not seen this one before, but I’m intrigued by the watermelon flavour!




Our score: 8.0/ 10

This month's selection is pretty good on the cute factor! My one reservation is that there are fewer branded items, just the pouch and plushie, so it seems a little thinner than some past boxes. However I love the little notebook and eraser, and you can never have too many hair ties and pens. I do like that the items are all small, and mostly have some practical use, though I don't know if I could bring myself to use the eraser! For adding little kawaii touches to your life, or gifting treats to friends, this is a lovely way to do it.

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality7
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products7

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Kawaii Box

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Kawaii Box

  • The cutest subscription box
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