Just Us Box – August 2016: Indian Summer

Just Us Box – August 2016: Indian Summer

August’s Just Us Box, the monthly date night in a box, certainly saw the temperatures rising and eyebrows arching when it arrived a couple of weeks ago at our house. It’s a bit saucy you see, and with the theme of Indian Summer with a dash of the Karma Sutra, blindfolds and lusty challenges, pulses were set to race. 

This was the second instalment of this new subscription service which aims to pep up your date nights and help you find fun and new ways to reconnect with your partner amidst all of the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

The box that the date night comes in is satisfyingly large – always a good sign I think, not that I’m putting quantity over quality here. Just Us Box ticks the boxes in both those camps, as it’s ram-packed with a well-curated collection of goodies that perfectly match the theme while scoring high on the quality side. 

So what’s in the box?

This month’s theme was Indian Summer, perfect for the heatwave that hit the UK at the same time it was delivered. As the box is geared towards carving out some special time for you and your partner, this month the contents were inspired by love, passion, and the famous book of er, sexual positions, the Karma Sutra. 

Just us box

It wasn’t all racy, though, and there were some really lovely items in the box. I started off by making a Chai Latte using one of the Twinings tea bags that were included which was delicious. Aromatic and spicy and very soothing. I would definitely get these again as I’m a massive tea drinker and they give something a little different from your standard cup of black tea. 

Just us box

The thing I loved the most in the box was the Flying Wish Paper. The idea is to write down a wish then set fire to it and put it out into the universe. I think this is a lovely idea in itself but even better for a date night as it helps you to share your hopes and dreams with your partner.

Just us box

The incense cones which came in the box had such a gorgeous smell and they really reminded me of ones that were lit in our room when we were on honeymoon to help keep the mosquitos at bay. It was such a lovely throwback and the small burner and box to keep them in were really pretty too. 

There was  lovely Henna Paste kit but sadly I couldn’t use this as I’m allergic. One great thing about Just Us Box though is that if there is anything in there that isn’t suited for you, everything is of such good quality it would be perfect as a gift for someone else. 

Just us box

There is a blindfold in the box with a red backing and pretty swirly Paisley pattern for, well, you know what it’s for, and it comes in handy if you’re playing the Karma Sutra game (warning, there are pictures of naked people having sex in this game in case you don’t want to see that kind of thing). There’s also a silk scarf and a larger fine throw (to help set the mood), some colour powder to throw at each other if you want to go wild and a set of challenge cards for suggestions of things to talk about and do on your date night. I told you there was a lot of stuff packed into the box!

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So what did I think?

I really liked this box. The theme was unusual but the items picked all fitted it well. It might not suit all couples due to its risqué nature but the idea behind it is to have fun with your partner and not take things too seriously, and for that it gets top marks.

Our score: 9.4/ 10

Another great date night in a box from Just Us Box. Well thought out and with each detail covered, a great (and fun) theme and lots of lovely items you will happily want to keep.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

How would you rate JustUsBox ?

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