Japan Candy Box – February 2023: Berry Valentine’s Day

Do you love Japanese candy and snacks, but don’t like paying for extra shipping or customs charges? Why not try a subscription to Japan Candy Box instead?

Each month, subscribers receive a delicious box of hand-picked authentic Japanese candy and snacks to enjoy, and best of all, there’s free shipping to the UK and no customs charges to pay! Prices start from £24.90 per month and you’ll receive 8-10 products.

Here’s what’s inside February’s Berry Valentine’s Day themed Japan Candy Box to give you a taster of what you can expect!

Strong Carbonara Potato Chips

I love trying out different flavours of crisps, especially ones that you can’t readily find here in the UK. These Strong Carbonara Potato Chips are to die for! You really do get that great mix of creamy sauce with ham/bacon flavours and I love the ridged crunchy crisps.

Calbee Veggie Eat Lightly Snacks

For a healthy snack option, these Veggie Crisps from Calbee are light and tasty, and they’re made with a range of different vegetable extracts (though you can’t really taste them so great for those who don’t like their veggies so much!).

Pocky Gourmet Strawberry Sticks

I’m a big fan of Pocky, but I didn’t realise that they had a Gourmet range until now. These luxurious biscuit sticks are thicker than the original Pocky and have a more bittersweet flavour to them. These ones are generously coated and dipped into strawberry cream. Perfect with a cup of tea.

Limited Edition Strawberry Shortcake Chocolates

A new Limited Edition flavour just for Valentine’s Day, here you can try a delicious mix of whipped cream blended with bits of cookie dough and berries, coated in thick milk chocolate. A lovely sweet treat to share with your special someone.

Genji Heart-Shaped Sugar Pie

How cute are these Heart-Shaped Genji Sugar Pies? Made from classic pastry, this treat has been popular in Japan since they were created back in 1965. I love the sweet crunchy sugar coated pastry which has a melt-in-your-mouth quality to it.

Lotte Ghana Ripple Heart Choco

Heart-shaped chocolates are guaranteed to always be popular for Valentine’s Day and Lotte’s famous Ghana Ripple Chocos are here to help you win the heart of that special person.

Lotte Strawberry Custard Cake

This is a very sweet and fluffy Custard Cake with a special Tochiotome strawberry cream and sweet berry sauce filling. A little tooooo sweet for my liking but still nice enough.

Black Thunder Almond Barley Chocolate

Another new seasonal snack, Black Thunder Almond Barley Chocolate combines crispy cookie bits, cornflakes, almonds and barley pieces for the ultimate sweet and chocolate nutty experience. I loved this!

Heart Peanut Chocolate

Mixed with fragrant crushed peanuts and tasty milk chocolate, this heart-shaped piece is a lovely little treat to add to a Valentine’s Day card anonymously.

KitKat Sachertorte Chocolate

From KitKat’s premium range, the Sachertorte Chocolate flavour is a limited edition version inspired by the fondant chocolate cake with apricot jam of the same name. Here, KitKat has blended apricot powder into its choco-coated wafers for a really unusual and interesting flavour!

Our score: 9.6/ 10

Wow I absolutely loved exploring and trying out all of these exciting Japanese snack treats! I particularly enjoyed the Strong Carbonara Potato Chips, Pocky Gourmet Strawberry Sticks, Genji Heart Sugar Pies and the Black Thunder Almond Barley Chocolate. Special mention to the interesting premium KitKat too!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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