Japan Candy Box – August 2020

Japan Candy Box – August 2020

Japan Candy Box is a box of quirky and fun Japanese candies and snacks. It can feature seasonal and limited edition items, which you won’t find anywhere else! It costs around £19 per month, and shipping is free worldwide.

This month’s theme is Summer Matsuri Surprise! This is a celebration of Japanese festivals (matsuri) and all the music, fireworks, and delicious street food you can find there.

The little insert tells you about all the different snacks inside, and how they relate to the theme too.

Texas Corn Takoyaki Snacks. These crunchy corn balls are made to resemble taroyaki, friend octopus balls which are one of the most popular and well-knows of all Japanese street foods.

Banana Man Marshmallow. A favourite with children, this is a chewy banana flavoured marshmallow stick with chocolate cream in the middle.

Bourbon Banana Chocolate Biscuts. This is another chocolate banana combination this time little crunchy cookies sitting in a slab of banana chocolate. Both these items are reminiscent of chocolate coated bananas, which are another popular street food treat.

Mentos Ramune Soda Candy. These are a special limited edition which are flavoured like ramune, which is Japanese soda. This is a popular flavour for candy, and these candies have been produced especially for the summer flavour of fizzy soda.

Icy Cider Dango Mochi. Grilled dango are rice dumpling balls which are served on a skewer from food trucks. This version is flavoured with cider which has a cooling effect, perfect for summer.

Umaibo Puzzles & Dragons Bisque Corn Puff. Umaibo are a crunchy corn puff stick and come in many different flavours. This special limited edition one has been created in collaboration with the mobile game Puzzles & Dragons, and is flavoured with ‘Dragon Bisque’. I’m not sure exactly what flavour it is, but as there’s a picture of a shrimp on the package I’m guessing it’s going to be some kind of seafood bisque flavour.

Kakigori Chilled Cola Gum. Kakigori is shaved ice with syrup, like a sno-cone, and is another popular summer festival treat. This bubble gum is flavoured like the cola ice, and contains extra bits of ice-like cola candy for an extra crunchy surprise.

Sobameshi Yakisoba Dried Noodle Snack. Yakisoba is stir fried noodles, popular with street food markets, and this package of crunchy dried noodle snacks has the same delicious taste.

Yaki Edamame Snack. This is a package of crunchy baked edamame beans, lovely as a salty savory snack.

Hi-Chew Ramune & Blue Hawaii Chewy Candies. Hi-Chew are the quintissential Japanese chewy candy, and they have a wonderful assortment of flavours. These soft chews are a mixture of ramune soda and Blue Hawaii cocktail flavours, a great combination!



Our score: 9.2/ 10

What a fun selection, I love how so many street foods are referenced. It's great to have limited edition items, especially as it gives the opportunity to try things that would be impossible to find outside Japan. I love ramune flavour, so I think the Hi-Chew and the Mentos are my favourite this month, also the edamame beans are a close runner up! These snacks are such a fun way to explore different thing, especially those that may be less familiar. And the packaging is so cute that they are a visual treat too!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products10

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