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Here at Henry J socks, we bring the soul back into your shoes.

Bespoke quality knitting, along with vibrancy and quirky social appeal, make our socks a guaranteed head-turner. They’re bold, beautiful and perfect for everyday use. We offer a monthly subscription service that delivers socks, fresh from the needle and thread, directly to your door! Every month you’ll receive a pair of our snazzy socks, handpicked just for you. You’ll never have to worry about buying socks again!

Prices are as follows:

3 months: £5.99 p/m 1 pair, £10.89 p/m 2 pair

6 months: £5.49 p/m 1 pair, £9.56 p/m 2 pair

12 months £4.99 p/m 1 pair, £8.32 p/m 2 pair

The lovely people at Henry J Socks sent me a pair of socks from their subscription service. Now, these are men’s socks, so I enlisted my lovely husband, Big C, to try out the socks.

I should add that Big C is, as his name suggests, quite a big bloke, and they kindly sent me their Large size socks.

The box is small and thin and fits perfectly through the mailbox.

Ha! Socked indeed!

The designs they send out are random, but they specialize in bright colours and fun prints.

This design definitely covers both!

They are mostly cotton, with a bit of stretch.

They feel nice and soft.

And here they are, modeled by Big C.

They fit his size 12s perfectly.

This is what he thought.

They are nice and soft, though they seem a bit thin. Big C is quite hard on his socks for some reason, and he wasn’t sure how long they would last. However they feel lovely on, and he likes the pattern a lot. (He is keen on bright socks.)

Well then, these are my thoughts.

The do seem nice and soft, and the pattern and colours are indeed fantastic.

The packaging is nice and neat, and small enough to be easily delivered.

I like the idea of a sock subscription very much. It manages to be both frivolous and convenient.

The value isn’t that amazing for the single pair option, unless you go for the longest length of subscription or two pairs per month. But it’s also not an amount you would really notice every month, and you will be sure to build up a wonderful collection of fun and funky socks!

Henry J Socks also do boxers subscriptions, and I think their socks/boxer combo looks like a winner. Technically, I just reviewing the sock subscription, and I (or rather Big C) haven’t tried the boxers, but looking at the prices I think their socks/boxer combo is excellent value, so I’d recommend that for sure.

This would be a lovely fun gift for the man (or large-footed woman!) who has everything. I’m only sad my feet are so much smaller than Big C’s because now I can’t steal his lovely new socks!


Our score: 8.0/ 10

  • Quality of products7
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money7
  • Selection of products8

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