Hamon Box (Snack Box) – March 2018

I love food, and I really love meat! I’m also fortunate enough to have travelled to Spain a few times, and I absolutely love the food.

Hamon supplies monthly boxes of Spanish food, including cured meat and snacks. I have been sent the Snack Box, which contains five different items of Spanish food.

The box arrives in a mailing bag. The box itself is very nice, though unfortunately it got a bit bashed up on its journey from Spain. However no harm was done to the actual contents!


Everything is packed in well, and the box ensured even the crisps stayed in one piece.

On top is the booklet which lists the contents.

Patatas Torres are basically Spanish ham flavoured crisps. What’s not to like?

The Jamon was the main event for me. Beautifully tasty salty ham, sliced thinly, with wonderful flavour. Yum.

Olivas Espinaler are the perfect accompaniment to the ham. These green olives have had the stones removed and are stuffed with anchovies, which I love!

Mejillones are pickled fried mussels. I’ve no doubt these are absolutely delicious, but as I’m allergic to seafood these are not for me! I’ve given them to my mother for use as tapas next time she has guests.

Finally a little something sweet to go with your coffee! These Catanies are lovely little sweet nutty crunchy mouthfuls. I’m only sad there wasn’t more of them!

Now, I photographed everything with the booklet, and then had planned to take pictures when everything was eaten. Unfortunately the lure of ham, crisps, and olives proved rather too much for the Easter holiday grazing, so all these lovely nibbles were hoovered up without much ceremony. I can confirm that they go extremely well with red wine!

The box costs 32 euros, which converts to around £28. Everything comes from Spain, and some things, such as the olives and the candied nuts, are not easily tracked down in the UK. It’s quite expensive, but as a monthly tasting adventure it’s a lovely indulgent treat.


Our score: 8.0/ 10

Everything is delicious, and a real journey into the tastes of Spain. Just add a bottle of red wine and you're all set! 

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery8
  • Value for money7
  • Selection of products8

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Hamon Box

  • Spanish Cured Meats
  • From £28

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Hamon Box

  • Spanish Cured Meats
  • From £28