Gym Secrets: May 2016 – The Super Woman Box

There’s a new subscription box around for us active ladies by the name of Gym Secrets and let me tell you now that I have had a good look at May’s subscription box – and it’s fabulous! This unique take on a subscription box will appeal to any woman who has an active lifestyle and contains a mix of products to inspire, pamper and treat any sporty woman. Every two months the team behind Gym Secrets will carefully choose a perfect mix of beauty products for the active women, accessories to help you while you exercise a unique monthly exercise class or treatment offer for all subscribers and an informative mini wellness magazine.  Each box is priced at £17.00 and packed full of products that far exceed the price of the bi-monthly subscription cost.





I love the idea behind this women’s subscription box as by signing up for this box you know you will add to your gym kit with some stylish and wearable pieces, get soothed, energised and pampered by their beauty treats and have the benefit of each box’s treatment or class offer, not to mention learning lots of new tips and advice on all things sporty and active and new on trend brands. It’s so refreshing to see a subscription box which firstly focuses on sport and keeping fit and active and secondly that is aimed at women and I was so thrilled to review the box and I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Firstly let me just take a moment to talk about the amazing first impressions as I unwrapped the box as it looks just fabulous! With the cardboard illustrated sleeve around the actual box looking so fine in a colourful pop art design, it’s so eye catching and I love it. The sleeve has “We can do it!” on the front and “We all have a superwoman inside us” on the back of the sleeve and before I had even opened the box I was inspired. Once you remove the sleeve a sturdy white box has all your goodies inside and it’s a lovely one to keep as it looks very understated and stylish.


The first product in the box was the Sass Protection Barrier Cream worth £14.00 and great to see a full sized product and one that is so useful too. If you cycle or spin (my other half is trying to get me to join him in his triathlons!) you will know the discomfort of chaffing, so uncomfortable and can stop you training until healed which is frustrating and can put a halt to your program. This cream can help you to get back on your bike as it soothes the irritation with it’s powerful serum and as it’s full sized it gives the opportunity to give it a really good test – so far so good!

Next from Buffwear is a really useful item to keep your hair out of your face when working out, it’s one of the most annoying things when you have long hair to have it fall all over your face when you are sweaty and trying to work out! In every Gym Secrets box you will either get a hair band or hair scarf from Buffwear worth £15.00 which look pretty and are so practical. It’s an accessory that will come in so handy no matter what sports I take part in as it keeps my hair back as well as staying in place, so no re-adjusting mid workout – love it.



Adding in a Gymcube subscription worth £49.98 for six months is a great idea to give you the option to work out from home – or wherever you have a pc/laptop with you. This will help keep motivation high not only with fitness content but tips and advice and even podcasts from top fitness gurus such as Richard Callender – what’s not to love? Wonderful value too.

From SheProtein each box has a useful cotton zipped bag with seven days supply of SheProtein 3PM worth approximately £7.50 (full sized box is £29.99 for 28 sachets) With each sachet containing 5g of protein which is the perfect pick me up for the dreaded 3 PM slump. The strawberry flavour is really drinkable and this is an ideal bag to have handy when you need some protein for your workout or to help you stay away from unhealthy food choices. Great to find a protein powder that is aimed at women too and such handy pre-measured sachets making it really easy and quick to serve up.

I have used Activbod before last year when I did the London Walk The Walk and it really helped (it was a muscle rub) so I was really glad to see the Feel Great Shower concentrate worth £5.00 in the Gym Secrets box so I could try it out too. So perfect for adding to your gym bag and really reviving it makes you feel so clean and fresh after a workout, the combination of sea minerals, green tea and sweet almond oil is a really fresh scent and leaves the skin feeling clean and soft.


Last in the box was the Ibiza Superfoods The Disco Mix – the full sized version which is 200g is £29.99 and this 18g sample is approximately worth £3.00, quite low in value but great to try and packed with organic superfoods as the name suggests. A potent mix of superfoods and high in nutrients the blend is targeted to help boost mental alertness and provide a natural source of energy through the day, you just add one to three tablespoons to water, yogurt or smoothies so it’s really easy to take, in fact I added it to the SheProtein and it was really easy to drink.

My first try of the Gym Secrets subscription box is that it offers really good value for money and the mix of products gives great opportunity to try out new and exciting brands as they launch. I can see why the subscription is already becoming popular and it’s a perfect gift for any active sporty woman or to treat yourself with. Also the value of the box is outstanding and it was really good to see some full sized items in the box too, really looking forward to seeing what the next box will bring!

Our score: 8.4/ 10

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality8.5
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money8.5
  • Selection of products8

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Gym Secrets

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Gym Secrets

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