My Greeting Box – November 2017 The Card Making Subscription Box

My Greeting Box is a monthly package of card making supplies delivered straight to your door. 

My Greeting Box is the unique mix of an activity box as well as a way to build up your collection of creative materials and tools and learn new techniques to use in your own designs. You will get 3 designs to make in each box but enough materials to make 5 cards and have leftover cardstock and other materials that are useful for creating your own designs (whether on cards or scrapbooking or any other project). As well as this you get tools that you will be able to keep forever. Your starter kit will include a pair of craft scissors, an acrylic block for the clear stamps you receive each month and a pack of felt tip pens. Then, each month, you will receive inks and stamps that will last for years or forever!

The price is £22 per month.

This is a brand new company, and this is their first box! Although this is the box for November, the cards are all Christmas-themed. This is of course a splendid idea, because it gives you plenty of time to get going before the chaos of December hits!

Note: I’ve not actually been able to make any of the cards yet. This week is my daughter’s birthday plus her party, and along with all my regular to-do list, I’ve got a rather full dance card getting everything organized! Anyway, everything will be pictured as described as usual, which should give you a reasonable idea. And also, when I was opening everything up and photographing it all, I had to remind myself several times of everything else I have to do today, as I really just wanted to drop everything and have a go at some cardmaking!

Anyway, let’s have a little look.

The box is flat, and quite heavy. As an aside, I really like that there’s a nice brand sticker on the box, plus the pink tape sealing it up. Nice touch.

How lovely, a personalised note. And all subscribers will get one!

There are definitely some interesting things under there.

As the blurb says, you get instructions and supplies for three different cards. They are all beautifully detailed, and look lovely and whimsical.

Here are the instructions for the Holly Shaker Card.

The step-by-step instructions are impressively detailed. I’m absolutely convinced I can follow these without any problems! I also really like the little hand-drawn illustrations.

The box is also loaded up with supplies:

Here are the stamps, acrylic block, inks, and stamp instructions. I’m glad instructions on how to use the acrylic stamps were included, because I’ve always wondered!

Foam tape, double-sided tape, foam pads, sequins, twine, pva glue, and mini clothespegs, all of which are used for the various card designs.

And the lovely paper items. The five blank cards (two extra for you to be creative with!) plus sparkly gold card, white card, green card, plus little clear envelopes in which to place your finished cards!

Finally, two pencils, felt tips, and (pleasingly sharp) scissors.

Here’s another reminder of the cards to make.

Don’t they look gorgeous?

So, this is a very pleasing array of items.

I was very happy to receive this because I’ve always loved handmade cards but have absolutely no drawing talent. So having a cardmaking kit, complete with instructions, is perfect for me.

OK, value.

As I said, the box price is £22 a month.

Individual hand made cards usually  cost between £2 and £3 at craft fairs and things. Then take into account the other bits. I figured the stamps and block at about £8. The little ink pads are around £1.50 each. Taking an average card price, that gets you to £18.50 already, and you’ve still got the cardstock, various adhesives, and other bits and pieces. And of course, you get someone effectively teaching you a new skill, which you can then continue and expand!

I love that not only do you receive enough things to make the actual cards, you get supplies you can use again. The stamps, acrylic block, scissors etc. will all find use over and over again.

The card designs themselves are also a great jumping-off point for creating your own cards, as the principles such as the shaker window card and the clothesline card could be used with other themes.

I’m totally confident that this is terrific value for money. You’re not simply paying for cards, you’re paying for the creative process and the helping hand to do so, plus all the bits and pieces you need.

If you’re a person who has looked at the gorgeous cards at craft fairs and thought ‘I’d love to do that, but I’ve no idea how’, then this would be absolutely wonderful. It’s also terrific for starting (or expanding!) your own little stock of craft and stationary supplies. Of course, this would also be perfect for a friend or family member who needs a bit more crafty fun in their life!

I’m really looking forward to making these cards, as I love a bit of therapeutic creativity. I’ll just have to figure out who is special enough to receive them!



Our score: 9.2/ 10

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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