Gourmet Meat Club – June 2016

My husband and I are on a health drive.  Well, that’s not strictly true. That kind of implies we are on a diet but what were actually going for is more of a lifestyle change. Why am I telling you this? It’s because until recently I never knew that having high quality meat in your diet, free range grass-fed being the best, was so important. And that’s why Gourmet Meat Club is so brilliant. High quality, delicious, grass-fed meat which you can select yourself from the drool-inducing website and then have it delivered straight to your door. No fuss at all.

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I chose a medium box which is perfect for a couple of adults, although there is a large box bigger families. With the medium box you have to pick four meats from the Essentials list, two from the Butcher’s Selection and one Meat Club Special. There is a wide choice and it took quite a while to pick what we wanted.

I chose the Lamb kofta kebabs, peppered steak balls, steak quarter pounder burgers, minute steak, pork and oregano sausages, home cured gammon steaks and 1kg of pork loin. That’s a lot of meat. 

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Each meat was individually packaged and each one was delicious. The pork and oregano sausages were huge and so high-quality with a high meat content. 

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The meatballs had a real kick and we had them with pasta for a really quick but nutritious meal. I loved how they had already been seasoned with pepper and they were much more flavoursome thank your bog standard supermarket readymade meatballs. 

Photo 02-07-2016, 11 06 23 Photo 02-07-2016, 11 06 46

The minute steak was such a treat. You could really taste the quality of the meat. I’ve shown them here before they were cooked so you can get an idea of just how lean they were. Thirty seconds on each side and they were ready to go.

Photo 02-07-2016, 11 05 52

The steak quarter pound burgers had such a high quality meat and had so little fat hardly any was collected in the grill. Please excuse the slightly charred sweet potato chunks! We had these with peppercorns and breadcrumbs for a slight twist on your usual burger and they were so tasty I was left wanting more.

Photo 02-07-2016, 11 08 44

We enjoyed the gammon in a high-protein breakfast, again so quick and easy to cook on the grill. You can see in the photo below how the meat is packed, with a label which clearly shows all of the ingredients. The pork loin was used in several meals including a stir fry. I’m not usually a fan of lamb but the kebabs were delicately seasoned and very moreish (main pic).

Photo 21-06-2016, 12 18 46 Photo 01-07-2016, 08 27 20 

Something else I enjoyed about the box was the information that came with it. There was a booklet which explained how to cook the various meats if you were unsure along with some information about the club, where the meat comes from within the UK and info on membership.

I was very impressed with this box (from £39.99) and the customer service and I have already recommended it to several friends it was that good. If you are looking to upgrade your meal times or start being a bit healthier, Gourmet meat Club is a great place to start.

Our score: 8.8/ 10

A fantastic box for foodies or those looking to add some more quality to meal times.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money7
  • Selection of products9

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Gourmet Meat Club

  • Fine quality gourmet meat
  • From £43.95

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Gourmet Meat Club

  • Fine quality gourmet meat
  • From £43.95