Gift Boxes for Women: The 10 Best Subscriptions to Make Her Day

Wondering how to make her day? In search of the perfect gift to give to that special woman? Let’s explore subscription gift boxes for women that will be the perfect present to blow her mind.

The concept of a subscription box became popular in the UK in the early 2010s. In fact today, 1 in every 4 Brits are signed up to a subscription box. That’s how popular they are now!

There are many gift boxes for women

Essentially, these subscriptions are a recurring delivery of a crate full of intentionally curated products and items based on a theme. For instance, for a woman who loves fashion accessories, a subscription to a fashion accessory-themed box can be a great idea. Essentially, she’ll get new, unique fashion accessories every month. And at an affordable price, too. That’s how the concept of a subscription box works.

For her, a subscription box can be a great way to keep up with her favourite interests. The best part is there are different themes to choose from. Residents in the UK looking to buy gifts for women can choose from fashion, bath, crafts and even food and beverage-themed subscription crates. Amazing, right?

The best Gift Boxes for Women

Now that we understand how subscription boxes work, the next point of call is to figure out which subscription boxes to buy for women. This is what we will discuss in this article. For UK residents, these are the subscriptions to get that woman excited about checking her mailbox every month!

1. Glossybox

Glossybox: a great gift box for women

For someone who loves beauty items, a Glossybox subscription is one of the best gift boxes for women. Every month, she’ll get a collection of five new cosmetic products right at her doorstep.

These products are selected based on the latest trends and offerings in the market. That’s not all. Each crate from Glossybox will also contain interviews and beauty tips from the experts. It’s a treat for the fashion lover every month.

2. Lookfantastic

lookfantastic Beauty Box Subscription

One of the most popular gift boxes for women, Lookfantastic has an extensive catalogue of over 20,000 beauty products. They are also in partnership with up to 66 premium beauty brands.

From this amazing collection, the team at Lookfantanstic selects a mix of skincare, beauty care and makeup products for subscribers. Every month, she’ll get a total of 6 products to answer to her personal beauty needs.

3. Birchbox

This is one of the subscription boxes that offers a bargain to subscribers. For only $15 every month, that special woman will get 5 or 6 beauty samples to try.

These products are usually a mix of makeup, fragrance and even hair care products. She also has the choice to individually select one of the items that will be delivered every month.

4. Seed Pantry

Not every woman wants a new selection of beauty and personal products every month. Seed Pantry is the perfect subscription crate for home gardening lovers. It’s designed to help them keep up with the latest gardening trends and it will help them decide what plants to grow and when to grow them.

For those who choose this subscription box as a gift for her, the recipient will get a selection of seeds, bulbs, tubers and plants to grow. Each crate is curated based on the season and includes freebies from organic food growers in the UK!

5. Ten Teas

Does she love tea? If she does. the Ten Teas subscription box is a great gift for her. This subscription will deliver the best options from ten different tea types. This includes breakfast tea, chai tea, estate tea, fruit tea, flavoured tea, functional tea, herbal tea, rooibos tea oolong tea and, green tea.

If she really cares about the environment, the Ten Teas box offers an added plus. They use ecofriendly packaging to send out their crates. And, they ship quarterly in an attempt to reduce their effective carbon footprint. We love to see it!

6. Degustabox

Who doesn’t love food? This is one of the subscription boxes that can provide her with her favourite treats delivered to her doot. Every month, Degustabox will deliver a crate full of her favourite food products for her enjoyment!

Typically, each gift box will contain 10-13 food treats. The selection ranges from energy and alcoholic drinks to meat-based snacks and vegetarian treats.

7. Japan Candy Box

Few women can say no to a monthly selection of candy treats. Japan Candy Box is a subscription that will deliver the finest selection of sweets and snacks she’ll absolutely love.

Each crate from Japan Candybox will contain 8-10 different treats. That’s enough to last for a few weeks or until the next box comes in. Some common Japanese treats that come in this box include Puccho Watermelon Chewy Candy, Yaokin Sour Paper Candy, Rilakkuma Biscuit Sticks and more!

8. Secret Scent Box

Secret Scent Box - one of the best free monthly subscription boxes in 2020

If she’s a fan of fragrances, the perfect subscription gift for such a woman is the Secret Scent Box. Each month, they deliver a collection of sample fragrances from some of the top names in the world of fragrances. Hugo Boss and Gucci are just two of the top names that have found their way into a Secret Scent box.

The best feature of boxes from Secret Scent lies in their uniqueness. The products in them are not limited to specific colognes and perfumes. From body mists to roll-ons, as long as it has a delightful scent, it may come in the Secret Scent box.

9. Bathbox

For women, there are few things as relaxing as a long, warm, soapy shower. This is why the Bathbox is an elite gift choice. It’s a monthly subscription of bath items to enhance her shower sessions.

Items she can expect in the box include bath salts, candles, solid soaps and more. Also, each gift box is themed. It may be Christmas themed, Halloween themed etc. The best part is it comes with product descriptions, instructional leaflets and a list of ingredients. She’ll know exactly how to use the products!

10. Craftiosity

Perhaps you want something to help her pass the time productively? Craftiosity will deliver a crate full of modern arts and craft kits for adults. The box will include materials, instructions and tools for making something beautiful.

The items in each box cut across the scope of craft making. Past boxes have provided items for ceramics, lino cutting, cyanotype printing and book binding etc. Also, the instructions will come in video form to help subscribers build items easily.


Selecting the perfect subscription gift for women just got easier. The options above were selected to cater to women with different personalities. There’s something for women who love fashion, a box for arts and crafts and selections that cater to the cravings of the stomach. Take a pick and wow that special woman today!

Here is the full list of subscription boxes for women.

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