Geo Journey – October 2017: Adventure awaits

The Geo Journey subscription box comes from the same team who make the Space Journey subscription box and it follows the same format; although Geo Journey has 12 monthly subscription as opposed to the lower number with Space Journey. One of the nice touches I really like about this is that when the year is up, your child will also get a special certificate to confirm that they have completed their amazing adventure which is a lovely keepsake to have.


What do you get

As you can see from the main picture, in the first pack you get your adventure kit with really lovely, well made and high quality mini suitcase, a personalised welcome letter, a lovely large world map, your travel journal, a passport and activities book. The whole thing is designed so that this kit is a bigger investment and something to keep them busy and occupied until their first monthly pack arrives – it really is a wonderful Christmas present. Very unusual and will definitely stand out.

The highlights

One of my favourite parts of this is the travel journal that comes with the first kit. Its very good quality and it has sections for each destination. Each kit comes with photos and information and you can use the stickers to act as photo-corners to hold them in place in the journal. Its really lovely and I can imagine that once complete at the end of the year it will be a lovely little compendium of information and adventures. We also absolutely loved the giant map (more about that later!)

After that, every month from the middle of January your son or daughter will receive little packages in the post addressed to them from Geo the owl and Atlas the puppy (you can see our first one above). Each pack contains information about a different country they have explored on their travels. Our little explorer has learned some French at nursery and now at school too so he was really excited that the first pack was about France. He saw the stickers on the envelope and was jumping around desperate to open his pack! He loved reading about all of the different things the two adventurers had found in France and was very intrigued by ‘chocolate bread’ that they told him about, so we bought some later that week. As it turns out, despite my sweet tooth, he isn’t actually a fan of Pain au chocolat! 

Our package from France

In the France pack was a personalised letter from Geo and Atlas, a silver Eiffel Tower keyring, more stickers, fact sheets, photos, information and an activity book. Ellis loved the keyring, he wanted to have it on his school bag, and we also spent some time that evening sticking the photos into his travel journal and talking about France and what you might do there. He was very excited to hear that Euro Disney is in France!

I’m quite sad that we won’t get more letters from Geo and Atlas as the team behind the subscription have told me that some of the other treats explorers can expect to receive include a Boomerang from Australia or a cuddly panda from China. What we really loved though was the stickers that you can use to put on the map to mark off the countries as the two pets take on their travels. We’re going to stick the map up in our kitchen and mark off the places they have been, the places we have been and the places we want to go to.

This pack is aimed at children aged 4 to 10 and I’d say that is pretty much spot on. It’s a truly lovely gift that if you can afford it, will be enjoyed for 12 months and definitely treasured for years to come as well.


Our score: 9.8/ 10

The only reason I can't give this top marks is because of the cost - at an initial outlay of £35 for the kit followed by 12 monthly payments of £12 - it is an expensive gift that a lot of people will simply not be able to afford. However, when broken down as one Christmas present plus 12 monthly treats it's a bit more manageable. If you can afford it, then it's definitely worth the investment. You won't be disappointed and it will be something that will continue to get used and loved for years to come.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products10

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Geo Journey

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Geo Journey

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