Generation A – May Box 2016 – Photo!

I must admit, I was super-duper excited when I found out that Generation A would be compiling a ‘Photo’ inspired box for May! Now, bear-in-mind that Photography is one of my biggest passions: I probably had unrealistic expectations for this box as I own A LOT of photography gadgets.

So, with saying that, let’s jump right into the review:


1. ‘Don’t be Negative’ T Shirt by Generate Ideas.

I actually LOVE this t-shirt, no, seriously……..L-O-V-E this t-shirt! ……and yes, I shall wear it out-and-about too!

Quirky, comfy and with an inspiring message to boot; this tee has it all, including a fuzzy, velvet-like camera print.

generation a box


2. Photonotes by Mustard ( )

Stationary, how I adore thee……… 

Fantastic sticky notes with a twist, this retro looking box contains 100 self-adhesive sheets in a polaroid style, so sticky notes left over the fridge never looked cooler, right?!

generation a box review


3. Wireless Bluetooth Remote Shutter by GnG.

A really handy little remote for your mobile; compatible with IOS and Android within a 30ft range, everyone should have one of these lurking in the bottom of their handbag – because, quite frankly, we’ve all been caught in moments where a selfie stick just won’t cut it!

I must admit, this is a really handy gadget to have, and I know, because I already own and regularly use this exact one.

generation a box review


4. Mini Magnet Picture Frames by Polaroid. 

A set of 6 mini fridge magnets in various colours and styles.

If I can speak honestly – which of course I can, because this is a review – these are not to my taste; if these were more modern and quirky then that would have appealed more, but then again – taste is objective and some people may say that my taste is questionable.

generation a box review


5. Ciao Marker – Colourless Blender by Copic (

Take a picture, make a photocopy ( printer’s won’t do, you have to use a real photocopier – I need to find one of those somewhere to try this out!), then you take some paper, a piece of wood or whatever inspires your imagination. You’ll then be able to transfer your photocopied image onto it by running the pen over the back of the image – similar to how those transferable tattoos work, except that you use the pen instead of your tongue – yes, we’ve all done it!

generation a box review


6: Generate Magazine.

Carpe Diem – A camera near means no opportunity will be lost! We have a look at those who have ‘Seized the day’ too!

This month’s magazine looks at a brief history of photography, including relevant facts in history to inspire you to get out and about with your camera. The magazine consists of the usual ‘What’s on’ section as well as last month’s competition winner and this month’s Generation A competition called ‘Instant Transfer’.

On the back of the magazine there’s always a little sneaky-peek into next month’s theme – which is……drum-roll please! Michael Jackson….

I’m very excited and curious to see what Generation A are going to include in June’s box – however, Michael Jackson certainly inspired many a childhood moment for me, so it’s an interesting concept.



Generation A is a fairly new subscription box company, yet are already playing with the big boys. They offer value for money as each box is worth at least £45 and subscription starts from as little as £17 per month. You’ll receive between 5-8 items each month, so that’s A LOT to get excited about.

You can customise your account somewhat, so you’ll receive the right size T-Shirts in your box – you can also choose female/male T-shirts too as the female ones are fitted.


To subscribe to a Generation A box please visit: and use code ALLSUB for £3 off any plan.

Our score: 7.4/ 10

All-in-all a mixed box of items, loved the t shirt and sticky notes. Overall a well thought-out box that inspires the budding photographer.

  • Quality of products6
  • Originality6
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products7

How would you rate Generation-A ?

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