Generation-A – overview of the last three boxes

Generation-A is a isn’t your average geek box; packed with original items, it is designed to engage and inspire creative minds.

To find out more, here’s an overview of the past three editions of Generation-A.

FIRE MONKEY – January 2016

2016 is the Chinese year of the FIRE MONKEY, so Generation-A celebrated with its first box of the year, delving into the customs, creative impulses and results of this rich culture of the east!

The box contained a modular origami kit from ATH Press so that subscribers could make their very own Chinese Dragon. From Chineasy, a notebook was included as calligraphy is an art of its own, as well as a felt tip Japanese Fude brush pen from Bimoji so that these skills could be honed with a modern twist on a Chinese classic. A Chinese finger trap by Henbrandt kept The Generation’s fingers in check and a few monkey puzzle tree seeds were added to inspire creativity in a different way. Lastly was the wearable item; a ‘Fire Monkey’ T-shirt with flock vinyl so that the monkey felt as real as it could!

RETRO – December 2015

2015.12 - Retro

It was the close of the year and we were all looking forward to what 2016 has to offer. So, this month, Generation-A went RETRO, having a look at the past so that we may be creative in the future! December’s box brought The Generation real classics along with some things they never heard of and, as ever, a unique wearable item.

Included this time was a Snap Macro Lens for phone cameras, supplied by Paladone in order to inspire the inner photographer. It was retro-style and enabled some amazing macro shots. Also, a retro box would not be complete without The Muppets and subscribers were not disappointed with their DVD of the original 1979 movie! Next was a mini-Morph kit by Plasticine, so that one and all could try to capture some of the late Tony Hart spirit. Additionally were some Lemmings Magnets supplied by Paladone which allowed subscribers to recreate their very own levels from the classic retro game. For fun was a Swop Point Crayon by Playwrite Oxted to remind  of those days when we were all younger and needed a pencil with all colours of the rainbow available. Lastly, the ‘Retro’ t-shirt was inspired by Tetris, the classic that everyone knows.

REVOLUTION – November 2015

2015.11 - REVOLUTION

November, as you very well know, brings explosions in the night, lights all colours of the rainbow and the echos of REVOLUTION in the air.

First off was Anti-Journal by David Sinder & Nikolas Caltlow, a journal which asks the reader to create its pages via acts explained on its pages. A truly excellent read and a must for any creative. Next were Pop Out & Build Robot by OiDroids which were incredibly fun and while they were not fully working, they only took a little imagination! Also included were Magnetic Pads by Tesla Amazing, a UK subscription box first. These could well revolutionise the way we post-it in the future! Stained by Sharpie was also included, which is a fabric pen. For what? Well, the t-shirt was included with a mural of a brick wall ready for the subscriber to create their OWN revolution. Last but not least was Gridlock Puzzle by Professor Puzzle which is a testing IQ test that relies on ‘T’ shaped wooden blocks that create a cube!

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