Geek Gear – Harry Potter: June 2016

Last month I had my first taste of the Geek Gear Harry Potter subscription box and I just loved all the unique products included and it’s fast become a favourite of mine already. It’s a dream for any Harry Potter fan to receive a monthly box filled with treats from the books and films and I have to applaud the team from Geek Gear for bringing fans such a special subscription box. For £24.99 if you are not subscribed to the regular Geek Gear box or £19.99 if you are expect to find 5-10 Harry Potter themed items which hugely exceed the cost of the monthly box all very carefully chosen and many are exclusive to Geek Gear as well. It’s a perfect way to add to your Harry Potter collection or to begin one and my feeling is the thrill of opening each month won’t wane as each box is full of interesting and collectable Harry Potter goodies.


On to this month’s box and first out was the Harry Potter ‘Expecto Patronum” t-shirt in 100% cotton and a very authentic design on the front. Having a t-shirt in every monthly box I feel really adds to the value as you could pay the cost of the box for just the t-shirt elsewhere. Many fans of the Harry Potter series have their favourites and who could not love Dobby?  So it was just brilliant to find a beautifully designed cushion cover with a picture of Dobby and a quote from the house elf himself on the front. With “Dobby Has No Master, Dobby Is A Free Elf” with an colourful graphic of Dobby by it’s side, the multi coloured unique cushion design on a beige hessian look cushion cover brightens up any living space and was a real surprise element to this month’s box.




Another exclusive Geek Gear item was the hand-crafted Hogwarts house Time Turner a really lovely inclusion which is very accurate to the books/films. In a gold hue with pink ‘sand’ in the central circle and boxed for safe travel this Hermione Granger time turner looks great on. The wrapping on this necklace was really lovely and I was so careful to open it as I didn’t want to damage it, wrapped in brown paper with a wax Hogwarts seal it looked incredible upon opening and I love that touch.

When you subscribe to the Harry Potter box from Geek Gear you do have a choice of which house you would like to receive so you can tailor all future boxes for your personal choice. This month the box included two stickers, one a Hogwarts sticker with the school crest on and the other from your chosen house, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin or Ravenclaw. Really great to stick anywhere, books, doors – walls?! Or why not add to the poster which is included and get it framed?






On to that poster in fantasy style and transported in a protective cardboard tube a really different Harry Potter graphic that would look best framed and put on the wall. Also included a Harry Potter Print with “All Aboard The Hogwarts Express All You Have To Do Is Walk Straight At the Barrier Between Nine And Ten” another print to add to the wall and in a thicker paper so a little more sturdy.
Lastly in the box a Harry Potter notebook and a double sided Harry Potter bookmark, both useful and I love the graphics on both items however I would have really loved to see a hard backed notebook which I feel would have a longer life. My thoughts on this month’s box is that it does offer great value and for any Harry Potter fan this is the ideal box, with plenty of variety and unique items it’s a real monthly treat.  I’m really looking forward to next month’s box as I have heard whisperings it is a tribute to the late great Alan Rickman as Snape and proves to be an amazing box.

If you would like to try out one of the fantastic Harry Potter boxes the lovely Geek Gear team have kindly given a very generous 25% Discount off any of the Harry Potter themed gift boxes, all you need to do is head over to their website ( and apply the code below at the checkout.


Discount Code For 25% Off Harry Potter Gift Boxes – “Thankyou25”


Our score: 8.0/ 10

A monthly subscription box from Geek Gear with Harry Potter themed goodies inside - perfect for fans of the books and films.

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery8
  • Value for money8
  • Selection of products8

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