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2014-10-17 13.38.40-1Fuelify offers 4 different types of boxes that cover 4 different exercise groups. The box I received was made for the muscle endurance category that they describe as ‘focuses on extensive periods of endurance training with 1 or 2 muscle groups’ – for me this meant mountain biking and hiking.

Each box contains 6-8 items specifically chosen to match the exercise categories the box is made for. The box is snuggly packed with shredded tissue paper to prevent the items from moving around during transit and it is sized to fit through a letter box which means there are no worries about missing the delivery, phew!
This box contained 7 items:

  • Honey Stinger Energy Chews
  • Honey Stinger Waffle
  • SIS Go Energy Bar
  • OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration drink mix
  • CLIF Energy Bar
  • Lucozade Sport Elite Orange Gel
  • Taste of Nature Organic Food Bar

A great thing about the Fuelify box is the variety, it offers a chance to try out a number of different products that you wouldn’t normally choose. When I purchase my own items I usually go with what I already know and like because why fix it ‘if it ain’t broke’? But Fuelify offers the opportunity to experiment and find something new. Another service Fuelify offers to compliment this is a bulk buy option, when you find a product you like you can bulk order it from their online shop. The cost of the bulk products varies in value, I was able to find cheaper elsewhere on some products but they often beat retailers on other products.

The subscription offers flexibility with 3 options, a one off box order, fortnightly or monthly subscription. Once a box is ordered it is sent out straight away and the postage is pretty quick, I received my box 1 day later. After the first box the subsequent boxes are sent out every month or fortnight, depending on your subscription. However, I could always bulk buy my favourites when I run out, something in the waffle variety I think. A monhtly subscription box from Fuelify costs £9.99 which works out a little over priced for the products but you are getting more than just what’s in the box, you get the curation expertise that go into choosing the best products (and if you buy it fortnightly, it works out a little cheaper at £8.99).

2014-10-17 13.35.20

The products in the Fuelify box are from top brands and they gave me an extra boost on the mountain bike trails. My favourites from this box were the Honey Stinger waffles and the Clif bar. The Honey Stinger waffles caught my attention from the start and it was a real treat on the trails to keep the hunger thoughts at bay. The Clif bar has more substance and is packed with vitamins, it worked great as part of a mid hike snack. However, I wasn’t a fan of the Honey Stinger energy chews, due to my dislike for their taste I didn’t get anywhere near finishing those, that is a risk with subscription boxes of this sort since everyone has different tastes.

Although I must say these products were well chosen for muscle endurance activities, Fuelify clearly puts a lot of effort into choosing the right products. This subscription box consists of the products and the experience behind the products, when you order a box you get the knowledge that puts a Fuelify subscription together. A range of products that help you to find the food accessories to fulfill your exercise regime and the flexibility to find the products you like best and order them separately. This box is great for people who want to try out new products and aren’t sure what will work best for their workout or for people who just want to get some workout snack excitement in the post every month. For those who already have their snack life sorted, you could always have a look at the bulk buy options.

shutterstock_178058549Fuelify is your tailored fitness snack-box. Choosing from the latest in sports snacks and fitness nutrition, we design a 6-product snack-pack, customised to your unique fitness needs. Simply tell us how you train and we’ll create and deliver your snack box straight to your door. Keeping you fueled and your fitness on track.

Fuelify is a unique way of discovering new products from the best established and up & coming brands in sports nutrition. Each and every box is hand picked and tailored to our customers, ensuring they receive a great selection of useful, functional foods!

  • 1-off single box (no subscription) for £11.99
  • Monthly Subscription (1 box/month) £9.99
  • Fortnightly Subscription (2 boxes/month) £17.99 (£8.99 per box)

All subscriptions to Fuelify include free shipping!

Exclusive discount: Get 25% off your first box with the code ALLBOXES

Exclusive discount: Get 25% off your box with the code ALLBOXES

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