Flaming Licks – November 2017: Crave Box

Ask any of my friends or family, and they’ll happily tell you that I’m somewhat obsessed with hot sauces. My fridge is full of them and there are plenty more in the kitchen cupboard as well. If you’re a fellow Chilli Head too, then you’ll love Flaming Licks.

Flaming Licks are a monthly subscription box that sends you a bunch of hot sauce and chilli related food products. They work with a diverse range of artisan chilli producers and they have also developed a pretty awesome range of own brand products to tempt your taste buds.

Flaming Licks offer three subscription options to suit all tastes and budgets:-

The Munch Box is £8.99 per month and includes 4 proper sized spicy treats such as snacks, dips, confectionery and dried meats.

The Taste Box is £13.49 per month and is for the hot sauce addicts. You’ll get 1 Hot Shots triple pack of hot sauce shots, recipe cards and a couple of other fiery condiments and cooking products.

The Crave Box is £19.99 per month and you get the best of everything as it features The Taste and Munch boxes combined. You’ll get 1 Hot Shots pack, recipes and a couple of other condiments and cooking products PLUS 4 proper sized spicy treats.

I was kindly sent this month’s Crave Box to try out and what a fiery treat it is! Here’s everything that I found inside including some extra special Halloween surprises.

Hot Shots Pack – 3 Craft Hot Sauces from Sauce Shop

These fantastic Hot Shots Packs feature in both the Taste and Crave boxes from Flaming Licks, and they’re a great way to try out a trio of hot sauces from a craft producer. This month, Flaming Licks have teamed up with Sauce Shop and three of their delicious creations.

Pumpkin Hot Sauce is like nothing that I’ve ever tried before and is made from 51% Pumpkin which is blended with Brown Sugar, White Grape Vinegar, Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Sea Salt, Habanero, Pepper and Spices. It’s got a lovely heat from the Habaneros and an overall fruity taste.

I knew I was going to like the Habanero Ketchup as I love spicy ketchup and this one has a really fiery kick to it. Goes well with just about anything!

The Green Sriracha really surprised me and was my favourite of the three in this pack. The Green Jalapenos taste so fresh and zingy, and like the ketchup above, this hot sauce works well with a range of dishes.

Single Variety Co Lemon Drop Chilli Jam

I usually always have at least one jar of chilli jam open in my fridge so it was interesting to try a new one from the Single Variety Co, who I haven’t come across before. Their Lemon Drop Chilli Jam won a Gold Award in the World Marmalade Awards and I can see why. This jam is so delicious! It packs a punch in the heat department, but this can be subdued somewhat in a cheese sandwich. A fun way to spice up a dull lunch!

Flaming Licks Hot Sauce Keychain

I’ve always wanted a hot sauce keyring and now I finally have one – thanks Flaming Licks! This Spooky Sriracha sauce features Serenade Naga Chillies to ensure that you’re never caught short again whilst you’re out and about.

Flaming Licks Haba Choc Skull Pops

This cute chocolate skull pop has a predominantly dark chocolate and praline base, but features a lot of Habanero Chilli for an intensely hot chocolatey experience!

Bad Boys Biltong in Peri-Peri

I passed this onto my housemate to try as I’m a vegetarian and he really enjoyed this Peri-Peri flavoured Biltong. He said that the quality of the meat was excellent and far superior to other brands that he’d tried in the past. The Peri-Peri infusion was full of flavour with a strong level of heat coming through.

Simply Seedz Jalapeno & Kaffir Lime Baked Pumpkin Seeds

These yummy toasted Pumpkin Seeds are infused with a blend of Jalapenos and Kaffir Lime so that you can add a touch of spice to any dish (they work really well sprinkled onto soups and salads), or simply enjoy them on their own as a healthy snack.

Flaming Licks Spiced Pumpkin Chutney

The last product in this month’s Flaming Licks Crave Box is a tub of Spiced Pumpkin Chutney to celebrate the festive season. Made from a range of natural ingredients including Pumpkin, Sugar, Apples, Ginger, Allspice and Cinnamon, it has some hot Chili Flakes in the mix to add a little heat to whatever you want to use it with – it provides a tasty twist to a Cheese Ploughman!

Our score: 9.4/ 10

Another great box from Flaming Licks. I enjoyed the variety of sweet and savoury chilli treats and I love the Hot Sauce Keyring!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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