Flaming Licks – August 2017: The Crave Box

I was very pleased to see that Lick My Dip, whose hot sauce and chilli-themed boxes I’ve reviewed in the past here, have rebranded and reinvented themselves as Flaming Licks this month. Don’t worry though, they’re still amazing, and there are some great new options to choose from!

If you fancy subscribing to Flaming Licks, you can pick a monthly box that suits your tastes and budget, for example:-

The Munch Box is £8.99 per month and includes 4 proper sized spicy treats such as snacks, dips, confectionery and dried meats.

The Taste Box is £13.49 per month and is for the hot sauce addicts. You’ll get 1 Hot Shots triple pack of hot sauce shots, recipe cards and a couple of other fiery condiments and cooking products.

The Crave Box is £19.99 per month and you get the best of everything as it features The Taste and Munch boxes combined. You’ll get 1 Hot Shots pack, recipes and a couple of other condiments and cooking products PLUS 4 proper sized spicy treats.

I was kindly sent August’s Flaming Licks The Crave Box to review to show you all what’s inside, and it’s absolutely packed full of hot sauce and chilli treats!

Tubby Toms Hot Shots Pack

This pack of ‘Hot Shots‘ features three small jars of hot sauces from Tubby Toms, one of my favourite independent chilli producers. I’ve tried some of his sauces that have been in the previous Lick My Dip boxes and loved those, so I was excited to put these ones to the taste test!

Inside this pack, I found Tubby Toms’ Ghost Town Super Hot Sauce, Scorpion Slammer Super Hot Sauce and Nuff Love Pineapple Hot Sauce. They are all pretty fiery, especially the Ghost Town and Scorpion Slammer sauces (each made with Ghost Chilli and Scorpion Chilli as the names suggest), but the slightly tamer Nuff Love Pineapple Hot Sauce was my favourite out of the three because it was just so different to any hot sauce that I’ve tried before. Really fresh and fruity with a strong Scotch Bonnet kick!

Sidekick Aged Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce

Speaking of Scotch Bonnets, the next sauce that I tried was this incredible Aged Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce from Sidekick. I’m a huge fan of scotch bonnets, so I knew I was going to love this, but it really blew me away just how amazing it is! Made from just a handful of ingredients, it’s a fantastic sauce to splash over seafood, meats, grilled veggies – anything really!

Kankun Mexican Marinade Sauce

This cool looking sauce from Kankun is a medium spicy, Mexican style marinade sauce that contains 13% Chipotle Chillies. It’s not going to blow your head off like the Tubby Toms Hot Sauces above, but it adds a lovely subtle and smokey spice to anything that you choose to use it with. A really versatile sauce to have in your cupboard.

Virunga Volcanic Rocky Road

There is something quite special about combining chilli with chocolate and it’s certainly an acquired taste for some, but I always enjoy trying a sweet and spicy treat! This volcano-shaped chocolate is infused with Scotch Bonnets and contains a fun rocky road mixture of Chocolate, Marshmallows, Rice Puffs and Coconut. Deliciously different and the heat of the Scotch Bonnets really comes on quite strong!

Flaming Licks Chocolate Habanero Chilli Dusted Tortilla Chips

Moving onto some of the Flaming Licks own-branded products, these Chocolate Habanero Tortilla Chips were certainly fun to share at a recent BBQ that I had with some friends. They’re seriously hot, but went down well with most people who dared to try them!

Flaming Licks Harissa Spiced Cashews & Peanuts

Another product that was shared with friends was this small bag of Harissa Spiced Cashews and Peanuts. They had a good heat to them and were seriously moreish – perfect with a cold Beer or Cider.

Flaming Licks Scotch Bonnet & Tomato Dipping Salsa

The last product in this month’s Crave Box was a Flaming Licks own brand Scotch Bonnet & Tomato Dipping Salsa. Salsa is really popular in my student household and everyone highly rated this one. The combination of Scotch Bonnets with Tomato works incredibly well for a super tasty salsa.

Our score: 9.2/ 10

The new Flaming Licks box is a brilliant mix of hot sauce and chilli products and a great way to try some new products that you can't find in the supermarket. I really enjoyed everything in this month's box but if I had to choose a favourite, it would be the Sidekick Aged Bonnet Hot Pepper Sauce!

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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