Fitty London – The Willsden Box

Fitty London – The Willsden Box

One of the best health and fitness lifestyle subscription boxes that I’ve come across as a reviewer are the Fitty London boxes. Not only do they offer brilliant value for money, but the contents are always so interesting and varied that it’s impossible not to be excited when you open one up!

In the Fitty London boxes, you can expect to receive high-quality items such as protein powders, superfoods, healthy snacks, fitness aids and full-size luxury goodies, from a wide range of brands, many of which are natural/organic/vegan friendly. For the cost of just £29 per month (including postage), the overall value of their boxes are always much higher at around £45+ so they are a fantastic way to discover and try out something new.

I recently received The Willsden Box which contains all of the following:-

Hunter & Gather Classic Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is one of my favourite condiments and I always have a jar or two open in the fridge so I was excited to see this one from a brand called Hunter & Gather. Made with just four natural ingredients including 100% Avocado Oil, this mayo is absolutely delicious and has such a rich and creamy flavour that works well on practically everything! Suitable for paleo and keto diets, it’s free from seed and vegetable oils, artificial preservatives, sugar, gluten and dairy, so lots of people can enjoy it.

Motion Nutrition Nootropics – Unplug & Power Up

These two sachets are from Motion Nutrition Nootropics who specialise in natural ‘smart supplements’ which help to enhance brain function. On the left is Unplug, a night-time formula which helps to de-stress and calm your mind, whilst on the right is Power Up, the daytime formula which is described as the ‘ultimate brain fuel’ so that you can kickstart your day. Interesting!

One Earth Blends Coco Go Go

How beautiful is this packaging for One Earth Blends’ Coco Go Go?! This rich powder-based health supplement is bursting full of superfoods such as Raw Cacao, Matcha, Baobab, Beetroot and Vanilla, and it’s made with certified organic ingredients for the best quality and purity. To use it, simply add to your morning smoothie, blend it with milk for an uplifting Matcha Cacao Latte, stir it into porridge or add it to your homemade energy ball recipes to give them a further nutritional boost.

Tenzing Natural Energy Drink

Energy drinks get a bad name because the mainstream ones are full of sugar and additives, but this one from Tenzing is a healthier alternative which is made from only six natural ingredients. It tastes delicious ice-cold, especially on a hot day, and gives you a natural boost to help you focus on the tasks at hand.

Bebambu Collagen Sticks

This Limited Edition pack from Bebambu contains ten single serve sticks of pure marine collagen. Collagen is essential for strong joints, faster recovery after sports, better sleep and improved gut health, so taking a collagen supplement like this will meet your daily needs. Add it to hot or cold sticks to reap the benefits.

The Vegain Bros Protein Pancake Mix

One of the products that I’m most excited to try in this box is The Vegain Bros Protein Pancake Mix which comes in a delicious vanilla flavour. Low fat and with no added sugar, this protein mix boats 27g of healthy plant based protein per serving and who doesn’t love pancakes for their breakfast?!

Tribe Blaze Trails Energy Bar

Next up, I found a natural energy bar from Tribe which contains Buckwheat and Sour Cherry. It’s been specially made to be consumed 45 minutes before you do a workout to give you the right mix of carbs and protein, so it’s ideal for runners and those who do intensive training.

Urban Fruit Snack Pack Coconut Chips

Lastly, there’s a bag of Coconut Chips from Urban Fruit. Made with 100% fruit and no added sugar or sulphites, these Coconut Chips are triple toasted and my, oh, my, are they moreish! My only complaint is that the bag wasn’t big enough because they are so good!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

The Fitty London boxes never disappoint and they're a great way to be introduced to a huge range of healthy snacks and fitness supplements. Definitely one to try!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Fitty London

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Fitty London

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