First Wonder Box – Frozen Earth

First Wonder Box has been created by the same people who publish First News, a newspaper for children. This box is aimed at kids age 4 – 8, and includes games, crafts, toys, and activities.

The box fits right through the letterbox.

The decoration is lovely, and it shows you all about the monthly theme.

This month is Frozen Earth.

Here’s the little leaflet telling you about the goodies inside!

You’ve got a sticker sheet, collectible cards for you arlbum (it comes with your first box) and a pencil.

The stickers are used in the fantastic activity book.

There are games, puzzles, and lots of creativity.

You also get some fascinating facts and trivia about people and animals, as well as opportunity for some creative writing. Everything is pitched nicely, lots of information in bitesize manageable pieces.

The booklet itself is very nice quality, good enough to be kept and referred to again and again.

The box itself is cleverly designed to fold out, and always includes games and cutouts so there’s no wastage. And being cardboard it’s recyclable!

This box includes animal cut-outs, plus a polar bear mask to make.

There are cotton balls and a glue stick to decorate your mask too!

There’s also some of that fantastic artificial snow, which just needs to have a little water added. This is fantastic for tactile and imaginative play, and although it suggests keeping it in the freezer, I’ve found that if you allow it to dry out it can be stored and reused many times.

I think this is a such a terrific box of activities and learning.

As I said, you keep the booklets, and over the months you’ll build up a very nice collection of subjects and themes! The accessories and crafts are a great enhancement, so kids can really use their imagination and be creative.

Younger kids will need more help, but this is a lovely thing for inquisitive children, lots of chances to play, and they can gain knowledge without even realizing!


Our score: 9.4/ 10

This is an incredible bargain at just £7.95 a month, and there is plenty of educational value in there as well as fun! The themes are beautifully neutral, there is a ton of useful and interesting information, and lots of scope to play.

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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First Wonder Box

  • Activities for children
  • From £3.99

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First Wonder Box

  • Activities for children
  • From £3.99