Family Presents – March 2021: Rice Crisp Pops & Sock Bunnies

Earlier this month Penny and I were sent the Easter-themed Family Presents box. This is one of Penny’s favourite subscription boxes. Not only does it contain a wide range of activities, the unique packaging and set-up really gets Penny excited. Unlike a standard box containing materials that are instantly dumped all over the table, the Family Present box contains four individually wrapped presents for Penny to open. Her little face lights up whenever I bring out a new box. The suspense really adds to the excitement. Each one of the four boxes includes materials and instructions. All the hard work is done for you and you’re free to cancel at any time. It’s incredibly convenient and fuss-free.

Box 1: Play – Don’t Eat the Treat!

What’s in the box? Game board & 6x bags of sweets

This box contained an Easter inspired game for the whole family. This was a fantastic game for Penny’s age range as the rules were simple but the concept challenged her number comprehension skills. The best bit? Obviously all the pick and mix sweeties! All ingredients were listed inside the box.

Box 2: Make – Build Your Own Bunny Family

What’s in the box? 4x bunny bundles (including socks, stuffing and ribbon), craft rice & clear elastic bands.

Penny absolutely loved this activity. It involved filling the socks full of rice to weigh them down, stuffing them, using the elastic bands to create the ears and tails, tying a cute ribbon around its neck and drawing on a face. Penny thought the whole activity was hilarious and the first bunny she made, Strawberry, sits proudly on her windowsill weeks later.

Box 3: Do – Easter Tree

What’s in the box? Bicarbonate of soda, black straw, cornflour, blue/yellow/white paint 

We’ve made salt dough before but this recipe involved using the cooker to combine the ingredients and mix until it forms a dough. I allowed Penny to stand by the cooker and help mix (with adult supervision at all times) and she was incredibly careful and really felt like a ‘big girl’. The dough was very crumbly but we stuck with it and created little eggs to decorate and put on the twigs we collected to create our own Easter tree.

Box 4: Bake – Easter Crisp Pops

What’s in the box? 10x large marshmallows 40g mini marshmallows, 2x bags of rice snaps, white chocolate (60g), lollypop sticks & 2x baking sheets

We really enjoyed making these together. In fact, we stuffed our faces with them whilst watching Frozen straight after. We melted the marshmallows and added the rice crispies to make the ‘pops’. We then dipped them in chocolate and covered them in sprinkles. The perfect Easter treat!

Our score: 10.0/ 10

Every Easter we usually have a huge roast dinner and invite our family around for an egg hunt. Obviously, due to lockdown restrictions, this didn't happen, however, thanks to Family Presents, we had lots of activities to keep us busy. The activities were challenging but fun and encouraged Penny to work with different textures and materials. I love the variety of activities inside and the layout of the box. There's something extra special about unwrapping the presents and it gives us the opportunity to take our time and really dive into each activity and have some quality family time before moving on to the next.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10

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