Dollibox October 2015 Review

Dollibox is a newcomer on the beauty subscription box scene. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to offer something fresh in this section of the market, but Dollibox has the advantage of being UK-based and having access to some fledging local brands and products. At least five samples are included in each box, giving subscribers a mix of beauty essentials and up and coming innovations.

The October box had no specific theme. Instead, it was a general introduction to Dollibox and a taste of the range of products it has to offer. The concept will appeal to young adults in particular, as the contents are not luxury branded items with hefty price tags. Subscribers are asked to complete a short questionnaire to ensure that the samples are tailored to their preferences in their future boxes.

Dollibox October 2015 All Products
While this is a satisfying, compact selection of items, the immediate sticking point with beauty boxes was apparent: I don’t wear false eyelashes and never use fake tanning lotions. Two of the items were therefore designated castaways, but the option to complete a personal profile online would hopefully reduce the likelihood of unused items down the line.

The packaging is fit for purpose- the samples arrive in a cardboard box intended to fit through the mail slot. There are no frills or inside design and no personal touches of ribbons, string or tissue wrapping- only some paper shredding. The ‘Edit’ information card included does have two discount codes for two of the products, but it only highlights three of the six brands included in the box.

Dollibox October 2015 Unboxed:

  • 1 pair of Eye CANDY Eyelashes
  • Feeling Beautiful Face Masks
  • Little Ondine Nail Polish
  • OSMO Wonder 10
  • Tantruth The Ultimate
  • Oil Arganic
  • The Edit Information Card

I have previously seen the Eye CANDY brand in high street shops and they appear to be a good quality product. They’re advertised as being easy to apply and feather light- they come with a storage tray, so you should get more than one wear out of them. I received the ‘volumise’ effect pair of lashes and will add this to my beauty kit- who knows, I might be persuaded to go glam for the office Christmas party?

Dollibox October 2015 Fake Eyelashes and Nail Polish
The Feeling Beautiful Face Masks are something that I will use- I am acquainted with the brand and have treated myself to these treatments before. Only natural botanicals are used in these masks and parabens and microbeads are banished. I received two Feeling Beautiful sachet samples in my box: a facial purifying clay mask with acai and an anti-stress mask with Dead Sea minerals. These are generally quite pricy to purchase on a single-use basis, so it’s nice to have some on hand for my next pamper session.

Dollibox October 2015 Facial Masks
The product that interested me the most was the full sized Little Ondine nail polish- I’d recently seen the brand at a fashion event.

The concept is something I can fully endorse- nail polish with all natural ingredients (water, resin and colourants) that’s quick drying and removed by simply peeling it off. I loved the shimmery onyx colour that I received and tried it on immediately. While I need to experiment with it again, it was quick to dry and easily peeled off in the shower under warm water. I did find the polish quick to chip away from my nail, however, so this is really the ideal quick-fix polish and won’t last like a manicure. Its real value is that it doesn’t permeate the room with a horrible, toxic smell and can be discretely applied!


Dollibox October 2015 Nail Polish
OSMO Wonder 10 is a hair treatment which professes to enhance your tresses in a multitude of ways, from providing moisture, controlling frizz, adding volume and reversing the damaging effects of styling tools. I am unfamiliar with this particular brand, but it’s a catch-all product that parallels the effects of the popular oils on the market- it’s sprayed into damp hair after washing and has a pleasant scent.

Dollibox October 2015 Fake Tan, Argan Oil and Hair Treatment
The Tantruth The Ultimate aims to provide a natural and even tanning effect, but I’ve never used fake tan, so this is an example of a product that I wouldn’t want to receive in future boxes- I’m unfamiliar with the brand, but will keep this to pass on to a friend or as a stocking-stuffer.

Given the inclusion of the Wonder 10 product, I was surprised to also receive a small bottle of Oil Arganic- these two products seem to have the same selling point as a multifaceted magic bullet.

The oil can also be used on dry hair, but its application extends to skin, scars and stretchmarks as well. It claims to work in the same way as natural oils and is quickly absorbed by the skin. I’ve used it on problem areas on my face and it appears to be effective. This is a good staple product during the winter months to treat dry and patchy skin, so I was happy to receive it.

The Dollibox has the advantage of being great value- a monthly box can be purchased as a one-off for £10 with postage. There are the options of a six month and twelve month subscription with slight discounts available as well. Most of the products were sample-sized, but the nail polish was a full sized bottle with a RRP of £8.40-£11.00. As this was the product I was most happy with, the box represented a good investment, but I’d be quick to ensure that my future boxes took my personal preferences into account.

This box would also make a good gift for a daughter or niece who is passionate about beauty products, but might be a bit too high street for young professionals who are drawn to more high-end brands.

Dollibox October 2015 Notice Card

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