Now, it’s fair to say this box won’t be for everyone, but if you’re after something different or a fantastically unique gift, then look no further.

This monthly box comes all the way from Paris, France, so you’ll understand what I mean when I say it oozes style, sophistication and is, ultimately, everything you could imagine uber cool to be in a box!

The concept is simple, every four weeks you receive an exclusively deigned object created by some of the biggest names in the design industry from around the world.

It’s quite a buzz to know that only those who subscribe to this box will own what’s held within it. However, this is not a box you can subscribe to on a monthly basis, instead you must purchase either a three, six or 12 month membership.

Designbox5 Designbox6

The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper the subscription becomes, with three months membership starting from 37Euros (around £30) dropping to 29Euros (around £24) from 12 months, although both prices exclude postage.

There’s also the option to purchase the objects featured in previous boxes, so if the thought of forking out each month puts you off, you could always keep an eye on the website and just buy the objects that really take your fancy for 69Euros (around £55), which is pretty reasonable for an exclusively designed piece.

Items in previous boxes have included a light, candle stick, mirror, vase, desk organiser and are made out of all sorts of materials, including glass, ceramic, wood and metal.

So, as an art lover I was certainly interested to find out what was going to be in my box.

What arrived was a cardboard box, within which was a very stylish wooden crate, which in its own could be a collector’s piece! But there’s also a down side to this. Although it’s a lovely wooden box, it’s rather big and cumbersome, so this is going to be one subscription box that you know you’ll always have to go to the post office to collect.

Personally, I think subscription boxes are a luxury and shouldn’t cause you more grief than is necessary when it comes to them being delivered – if they’re letter box sized, then fab, if they’re small enough that they can be hidden in a wheelie bin, great, but this thing is big!


Within this wooden box was nestled, among paper and bubble wrap, my exclusively designed object, which leads me to another slightly negative observation.

My designer item comes surrounded in scrunched up brown paper, when maybe colourful packing chips or shredded paper could have been used instead. When you consider other subscription boxes even their packaging pleases the eye and it all adds to the luxury, which this box exudes in every other way.

I’m a little dubious as to whether some of the objects would survive the journey all in one piece, but seeing as the item I pulled out of my box was made of glass, I was impressed it hadn’t shattered in transit.

Designbox19Inside I discovered an egg-shaped, hand-blown wine or spirit decanter by London-based designer Sebastian Bergne, measuring 21 x 14cm.

It’s a beautifully tactile object, which sits on its own cork stand and comes with a cork stopper.

Also included in the box were a leaflet about the decanter and designer, plus a certificate of authenticity.

When it comes to subscription boxes this is a great idea and one which makes the perfect gift for those hard-to-buy-for friends and family.

So many boxes are stuffed with perishable goods such as food or beauty products, but this box just keeps on giving because you get to display its contents around your house and enjoy it for years to come.

Art and design lovers, who want to stay ahead of the trend setters, would be silly not to sign up for this box and those just looking to add a little something special to their home décor might also want to consider giving it a try.

Designer box 10Each month, you will receive a numbered wooden box, a new object, one not found anywhere else, designed by a star of international design exclusively for

Made in limited quantities for one month only, each object is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed by the designer. A simple way to recapture the collector spirit, rediscover the pleasure of giving and learn more every month about creativity, all at a very affordable price.

Why ?

The designerbox concept was a way for the founders of Iconic Product Collection to share their passion for and knowledge of leading-edge creations in the world of home décor and international design. Such exclusive articles are often out of reach for many, due to their high prices or limited distribution, compared to mass-market décor products; our objective is to inspire a collector’s spirit in others and make it possible for you to receive exclusive, limited-edition items created by major design stars and made with natural, noble materials (wood, ceramic, porcelain, metal, etc.) starting at just €29*!

1  month = 1 star designer = 1 unique collector’s object delivered to your door.

3 month plan: €37 per month, plus P&P

6 month plan: €33 per month, plus P&P

12 month plan: €29 per month, plus P&P

None at this time.

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Designer Box

  • Decorative design object
  • From £19

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Designer Box

  • Decorative design object
  • From £19