Designer Box – Arcadia Box January – February 2020

Designer Box – Arcadia Box January – February 2020

Designer Box is a company that loves aesthetic interior style and design. Every two months they send out a beautiful item for your home, all made by independent designers and craftspeople using natural and/or recyclable materials.

Subscriptions cost from €19.90 per month, and each item will have a value of at least €90. Each box also contains a design magazine, which includes information about the designer of that month’s item.

This box is titled Arcadia Box. It’s produced in association with Spanish designers Murmull, who are based in Barcelona and manufacture locally.

As you can see, we have lovely presentation, as even a plain cardboard box is dressed up with a ribbon!

You can see the design magazine, and also a small limited edition poster that reflects the design of this month’s item.

The magazine is full of beautiful photography, and is dedicated to the shape of the arch and the arcade, along with profiles and discussion of the aesthetic of Murmull.

This the year anniversary of the new incarnation of Designer Box, and to celebrate, this item is their first piece of furniture!

Don’t worry, it’s not huge, it’s beautiful.

This is a special limited edition of the Murmull STEP stool.

It’s beautifully made from oak, with and exclusive red finish.

It’s compact in size, 35 x 18 x 18cm, but it is the perfect height for things just out of reach if using as a stool.

But it’s not only useful as a little step stool, it can be a low surface to rest a drink, a plant stand, display a few books, even to raise the feet when seated.

The aesthetic is really very pleasing indeed. The arch is the most simple and shape imaginable, and gives the solid structure lightness and elegance.

The grain of the wood shows beautifully though the finish, giving it a very organic feeling, and the construction is very solid indeed. All the joins are beautifully finished.

I love the red colour too. While it’s unusual for something you would expect to be neutral as a natural material, this would actually fit in with pretty much any colourscheme. The colour is rich but discreet, and could function as a feature, or due to its size, not be intrusive even in a space with little colour.


Our score: 10.0/ 10

What a beautiful object this is! It's a real treat to have something of this size which is still not intrusive or surplus to requirements. Right now we are using it as a small footstool, though I have also been able to use it to reach shelves that are just over my head, far easier than having to drag out the steps! Even the magazine is fascinating, and for any lover of design it is perfect to leaf though in a quiet moment. I also want to point out that this STEP stool design currently retails at €190 from Murmull, and this colour is not available outside of Designer Box. This is extraordinarily good value, and the quality and craftsmanship make it quite clear how high the value is.

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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Designer Box

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