Degustabox – September 2016

I was so pleased with last month’s degustabox that I have been counting down the days until my next box was delivered. Waiting in hope every morning that it would come and I would have a new selection of food to try, I was like a child with ants in her pants because I take food extremely seriously, I almost ate the delivery man’s arm off when he finally arrived with arms full of goodies. Last month my box looked a bit worse for wear, however this month it came in perfect condition ( we will put last month’s down to some bumpy roads and a one off ). Degustabox September box has everything you need to give work colleagues & classmates some serious lunchbox envy!


Teisseire sirop – Impressive packaging which is way I’m guessing it retails at £2.99, unfortunately the taste doesn’t justify the price. Don’t get me wrong it was lovely but at the end of the day it is just fruit cordial with less sugar in it. I would buy it if it was on offer because it made a welcome change to my normal cordial but I certainly wouldn’t pay the actual price.


Cape drinks – I’m always looking for a post gym drink that isn’t plain old water because after a workout I need something a little bit more and these cape sparkling drinks are perfect as they only have natural sugars in them. I have a couple in my gym bag now and allow myself one as a treat after a heavy workout. Truly refreshing taste in pretty packaging.


Get fruity bar – What I love most about this box is how many vegan friendly products it has, now I am not vegan but am extremely conscious about how much dairy and animal products I eat. So this box made me very happy and has introduced me to some wonderful vegan products I didn’t even know existed. Like this get fruity bar which came to my rescue when I got some serious 11am carvings, perfect to keep in your handbag in case of such an emergency. And just because something is vegan doesn’t mean it lacks flavour as this bar proves.


Hartleys no added sugar jelly pots – It feels like I haven’t had jelly since my school days, and after being reintroduced to it this month I have seriously stocked my fridge up with dozens and dozens of these little pots of goodness. I would normally have a yoghurt after my dinner or during my lunch as a sweet treat but even low calorie yoghurts add up during a course of a week. So I tried swapping my yoghurt treat for a jelly one and have never looked back! I get the same sweet taste I crave with absolutely no guilt. Win, win.


Emily crisps, Crunchy banana – I loved these, and best thing about them is that it takes less than a handful to satisfy any sweet carvings you might have. In fact the bag lasted me four days which makes them value for money and a lot heavier than reaching for a bar of chocolate.


Metcalfes popcorn things –  My least favourite product, my dad has been trying to get me to try Metcalfes snacks for some time now but have been massively put of by what I imagined them to taste like. And low and behold they tasted exactly how I imagined them to, they tasted like diet food! I want my healthy food to have taste and good texture not taste like diet food. Another issue I had with it was it came packaged as two popcorn thins, what basically looked like one serving but in fact was two servings with no way of keeping the second one fresh. I wouldn’t be trying these again in a hurry.


Say yes to no, bread chips – By far my favourite product in the box and the one I was saddest to come to a end of! Tasted like crackers but with a much better texture and the flavour was out of this world. I haven’t had a bag of crisps in over a year now as I don’t like the amount of fat and salt in them, but these make a perfect, no better alternative to crisps and I promise you once you try them you will never go back. They are exclusively available at Waitrose but are definitely worth the trip!


Chia bia whole & milled chia seed sachets – I have been wanting to try chia seeds for some time now but had no idea that you could actually buy them in individual sachets. I added them to my porridge and loved them, now I will be happily buying a big bag.


Mrs crimbles fusilli & Cirio borlotti beans made the perfect combination. I loved the pasta with its mushroom and cream sauce, I was worried it would have a odd texture with it being gluten free but in fact it tasted like any other pasta and it made a perfect quick meal.



Our score: 9.2/ 10

My favourite month so far and perfect for anyone who wants to try and eat healthier but is worried they will spend money on products they won't like! A amazing selection of healthy foods and not a single product I wouldn't eat again. I ate the whole box in two days and was very sad when I realised it was all gone! I really want this box again!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality8
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products8

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