Degustabox – January 2017

The January degustabox is Winter themed and by far the most packed box I have ever received, I’m pretty sure it will take me the whole of Winter to finish. There is an incredible mix of well-known brands and some new brands, there is enough different products to keep everyone in the family happy.


There is certainly a new tread happening at the moment when it comes to water, so it was not a big surprise to see, what a melon, watermelon water in the degustabox winter box. A tasty refreshing water that is perfect for all of us trying to get healthy in 2017. The product I was most excited about in this box was the a2 milk, I don’t like cows milk and usually spend a fortune buying milk alternatives. But I thought I would give this ago as it doesn’t have the a1 protein that is usually found in cow’s milk. And it is safe to say that I will be swapping my normal almond milk for this cows milk as it works much better in my tea and cereal whilst being delicate on my stomach.


We all have those evenings when we have had a long hard day at work and just want to come home to a quick, easy dinner and Gallo is here to help. In the degustabox Winter box I received two different kinds of risotto, both can be popped in the microwave for a super quick meal. I was not expecting a lot from these products but was pleasantly surprised, there was a lot more flavour than I expected and didn’t just taste like plastic cheese, an absolute winner for me.


I wish I could tell you how incredibly yummy these Apple and cinnamon oh fudge were unfortunately I didn’t get to eat even one of them, I opened the box to emptiness and found a very full bellied boyfriend sat near by. Who then gave me strict instructions to go out and not come back until I had found more, so I’m guessing they were incredible as he is extremely fussy when it comes to food.


During winter my favourite activity is curling up on my sofa with a movie and some delicious chocolate treats. I liked the fact that the degustabox winter box had a mix of healthy foods and delicious treats, I received two large bags of chocolate from Bahlsen. Lebkuchem mischung are delicious pieces of gingerbread covered in different kinds of chocolate and Akora are heart-shaped chocolates with biscuit and caramel centre. Both were extremely yummy, definitely worth putting in your trolley next time you go shopping.


I do not drink alcohol so it lovely to receive an alcohol free white wine, Elsberg is a alcohol free sauvignon blanc, which only has 22 kcals. Being tee total usually means you get forgot about when it comes to food subscription boxes, so it was a very welcomed change to have something I could drink. My favourite product in the box was Newtons Apple juice, absolutely delicious, all natural with no added sugar and 40% less sugar than most Apple juices. I normally only have Apple juice once in awhile because of the amount of sugar in them but now I can have them much more often thanks to degustabox introducing me to a new brand.


I don’t usually eat gluten free products but I thought I would give these Nutri-Brex mainly because they had coconut in them, but partly because the box suggested using them in a smoothie. So I made a tropical smoothie and added one of the nutri-brex and it tasted so good that I have been starting every morning with one. Slightly on the more expensive side of cereals at £3.70 a box, which I’m not totally convinced is worth the price tag.


This box was absolutely full to the brim with delicious snacks including Maggi’s 3 minute noodles and Bite + multi grain snacks. I eat the Maggi noodles regularly, they are full of flavour and leave you feeling very full, perfect as a large snack or a small meal. I had never heard of the Bite+ flakes before so opened them straight away and before I knew it the whole bag was gone, which was a little naughty as a bag is two portions. A delicious alternative to crisps and handy to have your bag for when hunger strikes.


Hoots snacks were my least favourite items in the box, although a good alternative to crisps, I found them a bit heavy to the point of only being able to eat a handful at a time. And despite the fact they are baked not fried they just reminded me of fried bread, not great.

Our score: 8.0/ 10

A perfect food subscription box to keep the whole family happy.

  • Quality of products8
  • Originality7
  • Packaging and delivery8
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products8

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