Degustabox – August 2018

Degustabox is one of my favourite food and drink subscription boxes, and one of the best for value for money on the market. Every month, you’ll receive a box packed full of exciting products, many of which are from well-known household brands, as well as some interesting new brands. Degustabox also offers a great selection so there’s something for everyone as you’ll soon see below.

This month’s Degustabox arrived a few days ago, so let’s jump in and see what’s inside!

Dorset Cereals Spectacular Grains (RRP £3.49)

One of the largest items this month comes from the luxury cereal brand, Dorset Cereals and this is part of their brand new Spectacular Grains collection. Made with toasted Spelt Flakes and popped Grains, this is a much more cripsier and crunchier alternative to their classic Mueslis, and are blended with a range of delicious dried fruits (the one above features Raspberries and Apple). I love cereals like this and it will certainly help to liven up my breakfast options next week!

Illy Instant Smooth Taste Coffee (RRP £5.85)

Coffee fans will love this unique Arabica Illy blend which is now available as a new Instant Coffee for ultra convenience. This Smooth Taste blend is a well-balanced velvety coffee that has sweet, floral and fruity notes with flavours of Caramel, Toast and Chocolate. It also smells very pleasant with aromas of Almond and Honey – yum! I’ve had a few cups of it since it arrived and it makes a really great cup of coffee.

Good Hemp Unsweetened Dairy-Free Drink (RRP £1.60)

To go with the cereal and coffee, there’s a dairy-free milk alternative from Good Hemp and this is their classic Unsweetened drink. Made from Organic Hemp Seeds, this drink is 100% natural, vegan-friendly, free from GMOs, dairy, lactose, gluten, soya and nuts, so it can be enjoyed by everyone.

Gunna Craft Soft Drinks (RRP £1.09 each)

How cool is the packaging for these brand new Gunna soft drinks? This new range of lower sugar craft soft drinks is 100% natural and contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. There are two different flavours in your Degustabox this month and I received Original (which has Ginger in it), and Muscovite (which is a blend of Lemon and Mint). Both of these are really tasty and you don’t miss the sugar at all!

John West Infusions Salad Tuna Fillets in Chilli & Garlic (RRP £2.29)

Next up, is a tin of John West’s new Infusions range in a Chilli & Garlic flavour. I don’t eat fish as I’m a vegetarian, so I passed this onto my sister who said this tin was perfect with a salad for lunch. She really liked the overall flavour and said it’s something that she would purchase again at the supermarket for a quick and easy lunch option.

Maggi Fusian Sticky Hoisin Duck Noodles (RRP £1.39)

Another quick and easy meal idea are these Fusian Noodles from Maggi. Each packet contains Noodles, Dried Veggies, Spices and Sunflower Oil, so you can whip up a tasty bowl in only a couple of minutes. There are various flavours available and this one is Sticky Hoisin Duck. We get through lots of ramen/noodles in my household as we’re all students so these will certainly be a useful storecupboard standby.

Crooked Beverage Co Alcoholic Soda in Dayglo Skies Raspberry & Lime (RRP £2)

When you subscribe to Degustabox, you have the choice of receiving an alcoholic or non-alcoholic box, and in this month’s alcoholic box, you’ll find a can from the Crooked Beverage Co. This light and refreshing drink contains a lot less sugar than its mainstream equivalents and is just 46 calories per 100ml. It’s made from all natural ingredients with no nasties, so if you’re looking for a ‘healthier’ alcoholic tipple, this is definitely one to check out.

LioBites Smoothie Bites (RRP £1.99 each)

Next, I found two very colourful packets from LioBites which are brand new healthy and 100% natural fruit crisps. Made from fresh fruit which is picked in season, blended and freeze-dried, these Smoothie Bites are high in nutrients, vegan and gluten-free, with no added sugar or preservatives. A good fruity option for a healthier lunchtime snack!

Boka Cereal Bars in Choco Mallow and Apple Cinnamon (RRP £0.75 each)

Boka are healthy cereal bars that are unique because they have four green traffic lights in terms of being low in fat, saturated fat, sugars and salt. Each bar is under 100 calories and they’re very tasty – especially the Choco Mallow flavour! These are perfect for lunchboxes or snacks to have on the go.

Rowntree’s Random’s 30% Less Sugar Sweets (RRP £1.29)

Lastly, there’s a pouch of Rowntree’s Random’s which are made with 30% less sugar. They’re also free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners, so if your kids are after a more healthier chewy and fruity sweet to snack on, why not try these instead?

Use the code ASB2018 to get £5 off your first Degustabox, free delivery AND a free bonus item (Great British Biscotti Co – RRP £1.30) – enjoy!

Our score: 9.8/ 10

This month's Degustabox is a fab variety of food and drink products with items across lots of different ranges and brands. I particularly enjoyed the Dorset Cereals Spectacular Grains, the Good Hemp Dairy-Free Drink, the Gunna Drinks, the Boka bars and the Crooked Beverage Co drink :)

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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