Degustabox – August 2016

There are two things I absolutely adore in this world and they are food and surprises, so when I discovered there was a monthly subscription box that was a box full of food and drinks my little heart smiled, and not knowing what I was to receive was so exciting, it felt like Christmas had come early!! When the box arrived it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be, probably three times bigger in fact. I quickly ripped open the box and wasn’t disappointed but some of the products had been seriously squashed in, to the point that a bigger box should have been used but other than that the products where well protected against a bumpy delivery journey.


Get More Multivitamins, sparkling lemon & lime water – I have always been terrified of trying vitamin waters, I have always imagined them to taste like iron so certainly would never part with my money in a shop to buy one in case I hated it. But since it came in my box I figured it was time to try it, I sat staring at it for a good 20 minutes before finding the courage to have a sip and its now safe to say I will be parting with lots of money now. It tastes exactly the same as the shop branded sparkling water I drink but it has extra vitamins in and is sugar free, win win!


Clipper, lime and ginger green tea – I am such a big fan of green teas but I feel like ginger is something you either love or hate and I hate it! And just the smell of it put me off so I rounded up some gym friends for a little taste session and the verdict was too much ginger not enough lime.


Mahou cinco Estrellas – I don’t drink but my boyfriend does and told me at only £1.20 a bottle this is a bargain and as tasty as anything else he drinks! And would absolutely drink this again so it has a thumbs up.


Dorset cereals, bircher mix – This looks all nice and normal, I thought it looked delicious and would be a perfect after gym session breakfast. I was massively put of when I read the how to make guidelines which instructed to add apple juice not milk then dollop in yoghurt, just reading this made my tummy turn green. In my mind I kept thinking that isn’t right to the point that I checked on their website, turns out apple juice is right. It’s safe to say it was the last thing I tried ( all of a sudden drinking vitamin water was super easy ). And I’m converted, I had finished the box within the week and had purchased a second box. Absolutely delicious and my favourite product in the box. Unfortunately due to the tight packing the box was ripped by the time it got to me but the inner packaging was still intact.


Tabasco, sweet & sticky barbecue sauce – This bottle of marinade bought my entire family around for dinner, a little whisper told them all I was making pulled pork and before I could say sweet & sticky I had a army at my front door. We absolutely loved this, sweet but not sickly and a little goes a long way.


Nutripot – These pots saved my life last week! I usually don’t eat anything like this ( think healthy pot noodle ) but I had some extra long work shifts and to say I was too tired to cook is not a understatement in the slightest. So on one of those days where you just stare in the cupboard in the hope you will find a meal ready in there, I remembered I had these. I was surprised to say the least and I already want more for those really busy days. I try and eat a high protein diet so these absolutely suited my lifestyle and it kept me full for hours which is perfect. I would recommend switching your daily work sandwich for one of these pots.


Capssicana, chilli & lemon cook sauce – I cooked my tuna in this sauce and wasn’t particularly fussed about this, I didn’t think it was any better than my normal cooking sauce but does cost more, so I won’t be seeing it in my kitchen again.


Oloves – Another product I have been wanting to try but never wanted to part with my money in a shop! That was a mistake, I loved this little bag of olives it is a perfect snack specially if you are eating clean or just food aware.


Rakusens mini crackers – My dad is the cracker eater in my family so I popped over to his house for a cup of coffee and his verdict on these. He whipped out the cream cheese and tucked in, two cups of coffee later and we had finished a whole bag. Delicious and I would pick them in a supermarket but wouldn’t go out of my way to find them at the same time.


Willy Chases fit popcorn – I eat popcorn every single day and although I did enjoy this, it hasn’t wowed me but it was certainly nice enough to try the other flavours. And was a massive bag, I followed the portion size and felt like the bag lasted me for days and days.

Our score: 8.8/ 10

I absolutely loved this box, it gave me the opportunity to try products that I would normally be too scared to try and introduced me to products that I never knew even existed.

  • Quality of products9
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery7
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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