Deck Maniacs of november Review

Deck Maniacs is a monthly subscription box for players of Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon Trading Cards (they offer separate subscriptions for each). They promise between 6-9 booster packs with every box, as well as other items/accessories. They also sell some other non-subscription items in their shop which is handy for picking up extras once you have your box of goodies.

Box and sleeve

I received the November boost box for Magic: The Gathering. It arrived in a large white box and I was impressed with the presentation of the products as well as with the products themselves. There was a card detailing the contents and their values which was helpful. Prices for these subscription boxes start at £29.99 and the R.R.P. value is always at least £40.

The contents were as follows:
Battle for Zendikar holiday gift box containing 5 boosters
6 Battle for Zendikar boosters
Ultrapro matte deck protectors
1 token pad

Open Booster 1 (1)

The above mentioned contents were very good value and there were even more booster packs than the minimum Deck Maniacs promises which was a great start. The gift box makes for an excellent storage box for up to 2000 cards. There was plenty of space left for more cards once the boosters were inside and it contains plastic dividers and stickers to label the dividers to make it even easier to keep track of your cards. There was a decent selection of cards in the booster packs, which is always random although I did score a couple of mythic rare cards, there was also an exclusive alternate art scythe leopard card in the holiday gift box which is always good for a collector. In total there were 165 cards, plus 20 land cards and 1 alternate scythe leopard card.

Land Cards

This would be a good gift for an avid magic player who wanted to start their Zendikar collection providing an excellent number of cards for the price, giving you the chance to easily put together a couple of decks, however for a new player it was slightly short on land and lacked a deck building guide to help someone who was new to the game.

The deck protectors were really good quality being the thicker opaque ones, perfect for more valuable and double sided cards and to prevent them sliding when stacked or played, which was another plus for this already awesome box.


Overall I thought that the box was presented well, offered excellent value for money and it contained an excellent storage box for my MTG cards which was a pleasant surprise. This would be a really good gift option for a player looking to boost their Zendikar library, or just to start playing Zendikar. It’s probably not suitable for a newbie to MTG due to the lack of land cards and no deck building guide. Players of MTG should find the Deck Maniacs subscription to be a good choice as a way to top up their decks.

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