Craftiosity – Himalayan Salt Soap

Craftiosity send you every month a kit for making something lovely for your home. Usually it’s something decorative and/or practical. This month’s project is very practical, but also aesthetically pleasing: making a batch of Himalayan Salt Soap.


Inside the beautifully presented box are everything you need, including a pack of melt and pour soap, lavender oil, and of course Himalayan salt.. There are also a full set of instructions, and there’s a link to a video instruction if you prefer watching to reading.

You also get some beautiful postcards as a bonus, which can be used to send notes, or as decorative accents on a mood board or scrapbook.

The first thing you do is cut up the soap block and melt it down. This is very easy to do in the microwave, though cutting up the soap requires a fair amount of effort!

Once the soap is melted down you add the lavender oil. There’s quite a good-sized bottle included, and while the instructions didn’t say how much to use, we put half the bottle in which gave plenty of lovely scent.

Adding the salt was much more of an organised process than I originally thought. You don’t just chuck it all in, because it’ll just sink to the bottom. Instead you sprinkle a layer on the top, and then use the stirring stick to push it below the surface. Doing this several times creates layers so you get the salt all the way through the bar.

Afterwards you simple leave the soap for a couple of hours to harden, and then pop it out and slice.

And this is what it looks like. (It was dark by the time it was done so this is not the most beautiful overhead light!) You can see that the salt really is fairly evenly distributed through the whole thing, and it smells delicious.



Our score: 10.0/ 10

This was a really enjoyable project, and like the citrus apron, I shard it with my daughter. Even though the process was much less technically demanding than some other projects - despite the necessity of some brute strength! - it still produced something really lovely and incredibly useful. We get through soap quite fast in our house with several people using it, but this has given us an excellent stock that will last quite a while. The lavender smell is delicious, and the salt crystals are great for exfoliation. One of the many things I love about Craftiosity is that it gives you the opportunity to try new techniques and also inspiring further creativity. Making this soap was very satisfying and it's rather made me to try some different types! For anyone who has creative impulse and would like to experiment with different techniques, Craftiosity is a wonderful way to do it, and if you have a creative family as well, they are excellent projects to share.

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