Cosy Candles Cosy Pods- September 2018

Cozy Candles supplies a monthly box of delicious-smelling wax melts. They have two options, six large melts (Cosy Pods) in different scents for £14.99 a month, or 24 mini melts in four different scents for £9.99.

The box is sent in a mailing bag, which isn’t very interesting, so here is the box inside! It’s flat enough to fit through the mailbox.

Inside you have the menu of this month’s six scents.

September’s selection is Bubblegum, Chamomile, Evergreen, Champagne & Roses, Juicy Orange, and Sandalwood Vanilla.

There’s very nice presentation, with bright cheerful tissue paper.

80g of wax melt is impressively large, so unless you have a big wax burner you’re definitely going to want to break each one into pieces!

As always, the scents are nice and strong. It’s an interesting mix this month, with the Juicy Orange and Bubblegum being very sweet and summery, and the deeper scent of the Sandalwood & Vanilla, plus a hint of Christmas with the Evergreen.

I think the Evergreen is going to be very nice when winter gets closer. The Juicy Orange smells to me rather like orange candy rather than actual orange, but it’s a fun scent. The Chamomile is lovely and relaxing. The only one I’m not keen on is the Bubblegum, but that’s because I don’t like bubblegum and this really does smell exactly the same!

My favourite this month is the Sandalwood & Vanilla. It has a lovely warm scent, which is perfect as the weather is getting very slightly cooler now.

The smell is very strong as they melt, and they definitely last for a very long time. You could also break off pieces and experiment with mixing scents.

These melts are all made by hand, and all the ingredients undergo rigorously safety tests. They are also suitable for vegans and totally safe for children and pets. This is a lovely way to fragrance your home, much better than artificial sprays, and you know the ingredients are totally safe!


Our score: 9.8/ 10

A fun mix of scents, with a throwback to summer and a look forward to winter!

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products9

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Cosy Candles

  • Scented wax melts
  • From £14.99

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Cosy Candles

  • Scented wax melts
  • From £14.99