Cosy Candles Cosy Pods- June 2018

Cosy Candles Cosy Pods- June 2018

Cozy Candles supplies a monthly box of delicious-smelling wax melts. They have two options, six large melts (Cosy Pods) in different scents for £14.99 a month, or 24 mini melts in four different scents for £9.99.

This is the Cosy Pods box. It actually comes in a mailing bag, so the box itself isn’t covered with labels! It’s also tied up with a bow, which is a nice little touch. It’s quite big, but flat, so should fit through the mailbox easily.

On top is their menu listing this month’s scents. It all smells wonderful already!

It’s all nicely wrapped under the menu. I really like their sticker as well, and the yellow tissue wrapping is bright and cheerful.

And here they are!

The scents are as follows: Dark Amber & Ginger; Peony & Blush; Lemon Sherbert; Fresh Linen; Pink Champagne; and Seaweed & Juniper.

I should say, these melts are huge! They weigh 80g each, and are 100mm x 20mm. Apparently they each last around 80 hours!

I have a wax melter from Haze, which fortunately has quite a large bowl, and these melts fit perfectly.

This one is the Dark Amber & Ginger. It was the only scent I wasn’t quite sure about when I sniffed it in the pot. However it really grew on me, and was really distinctive and rich-smelling. I could definitely smell the ginger with a lovely perfumed layer.

I haven’t spent 80 hours melting the whole of one yet, though I think I might break them into pieces so it’s easier to change them up. After all, 480 hours total scent is a lot of time!

As for the other fragrances, I loved them all. The Fresh Linen was the least unusual of them all, as it’s a very popular scent for all kinds of things, including fabric softener. My particular favorites were the Lemon Sherbert, which smelled absolutely delicious, and the Seaweed & Juniper was lovely and fresh, great for summer!

These melts are all handmade, and the ingredients are rigorously tested for safety. They are also suitable for vegans and totally safe for children and pets.

One advantage of wax melts is that they are much safer than scented candles. (The warmer above is electric, though you can also get warmers that have a tealight to melt the wax.) Melts also release scent better then scented candles, as they are warmed slowly and gently and the oils don’t burn.

I’m really very impressed with this box. I think it’s incredibly value for money, and the time the melts last is really remarkable. The presentation is lovely, and the scent selection is nicely varied.


Our score: 10.0/ 10

There's a lovely selection of aromas here. I'm a fan of scented candles, but this has definitely persuaded me to switch to melting scented wax instead! 

  • Quality of products10
  • Originality10
  • Packaging and delivery10
  • Value for money10
  • Selection of products10

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