ChaTale – October 2015 review


DSC_4851To begin with I need to confess that I usually drink the sort of teas that come in bags and can be easily picked up in supermarkets; mostly black tea or green tea.

However, I’m always coming across articles in magazines or online about teas with fantastic detoxifying properties, or teas that can help you lose weight, and I always wonder where exactly I can get my hands on these miracle teas. As it so happens, ChaTale has the answer with their subscription boxes for tea lovers.

I received my box quickly and was happy to find it had been small enough to fit through my letterbox – no trip to the post office required. At first sight the box and its contents didn’t look like much, but the amount of tea that ended up being brewed out of these three little packets was pretty impressive in the end!


On checking the contents I found I had been sent:

– a slimming tea

– a detox tea

– a packet of Milky Oolong.

IMAG0156 IMAG0152

I was quite excited about the first two, uncertain about the third. As it turned out I found the Milky Oolong the easiest to drink and the most moreish; it was smooth and had a light but addictive flavour that had me reaching for a second cup as soon as I finished the first.

The slimming and detox teas looked nicer in their packets – very pretty – and they were both sweet and floral with much stronger flavours than the other tea. I thought the slimming tea was a bit sweeter and more pungent than the detox. The detox tea was both fruity and floral so they were a little bit different. I really liked them all, much to my surprise, and have been converted to Milky Oolong as an alternative to plain old black tea. All of the packets have some information and instructions on the back. They were easy to make; I used a teapot. The Milky Oolong packet was re-sealable as it contained enough to brew several cups of tea.

DSC_4853 DSC_4854

The ChaTale website contains more information on the teas contained in their boxes, and there are quite a few different boxes to choose from, so whatever your preference you’re sure to find the right match for you.

ChaTale are on a mission to make freshly blended teas available and accessible to everyone. Their teas are home blended and shipped out within seven days. They care about the quality of their ingredients, which is obvious by the quality of the products received in their boxes. They also detail out not only the ingredients, but also the benefits of their different teas on the website, which I found both interesting and helpful.

Overall I found this box to be a very pleasant surprise. I discovered a new favourite blend of tea and I got to try out a couple of other interesting blends. My curiosity about teas with beneficial properties has been satisfied and I now know where to look for these products in future. Thank you, ChaTale, for the wonderful box of ready-to-brew delights!


Discover better-tasting fine teas every month!

We deliver interesting and delicious gourmet teas that our tea artists sourced around the globe, straight to your door.

Each month we’ll send you a selection of new teas to try, how many depends on your monthly plan. We choose from over 1000 different fine teas, stocking everything from Green Tea to Milky Oolong. We are constantly sourcing new varieties and making our own blends to ensure that each month you get to try something exciting.

We work with reknown tea artists, source our teas from the best tea farms around the world, picking only the best products in each farm. Unlike your typical tea bag, our leaves have not been over processed which means they retain all their flavour and nutritional. Our ingredients are fresh, healthy and natural. It will be the best tea you’ve ever made.

What is the price per box: £6.49 p/month
Free Shipping in the UK

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  • Unusual teas
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