Cat Hampurr June 2015 box review

Cat Hampurr June 2015 box review

By Charlotte H.

P1000360We have received a really nice box from Cat Hampurr full of goodies and nice treats.

In this month’s box, we found:

– 2x90g wet food from “Forthglade”

– 100g of venison slices from “The Innocent cat”. A real delicious treat!

– 2x40g of crunchy nibbles from “Lily’s Kitchen”.

– 10g of dried natural treats from “Pet Munchies”

– A stick toy from “Clasicat”

– An angora bunny ball from “Reclaimed by nature”

I must say most of the treats seemed to please our cat, Oliver, and the toys are also good quality nice toys. But Oliver definitely had his favourites.

P1000356Of the treats he ate them all, but two of them elicited a bit more love in the process.  The Forthglade Turkey & Duck wet food disappeared in a flash with the first can and, when I opened the second can, the purrs and leg rubs clearly communicated how much he liked it.  Oli’s other favourite was the Innocent Cat venison slices.  This lasted a bit longer as its more of a treat than a meal.  When we called him in from outside we were able to just shake the venison treats box and he came running until they ran out.  They also worked wonders at getting him to perform slightly acrobatic feats to obtain each morsel. They actually looked and smelled so good, just like  human charcuterie, that I was even tempted to eat one (I resisted).

Lily’s Kitchen crunch nibbles didn’t manage to get Oli to do anything special, but he did eat them when placed in his food bowl. The fish fillet Pet Munchies were of no interest to him at until I got them a bit wet to soften it up. I think they were a bit too hard and rough initially.  But once they softened up a bit he ate them all happily.

My preferred item was the Clasicat stick toy.  It has proved to be a fun item to use to play with Oli.  The only drawback is that it is a bit too short and I got scratched a couple of times.  I’ve since added a string to the stick and now we both enjoy it a bit more.

But the winner of the box is clearly the Angora bunny ball from Reclaimed by Nature.  Since we’ve given it to him, Oli hasn’t stopped playing with it.  He even kept us up a few nights chasing it around the house until we learned to put it away before bed.

All in all, I’d say the Cat Hampurr gave us one very happy cat.

We have another box for Cats! Misty is one spoiled cat when it comes to subscription boxes. It’s definitely the way to go to show your pet you care, treat them to a monthly box of treats and toys :)

We’re looking at the Cat Hampurr. You can order this as a one off box at £19.90 inc p&p or as a rolling subscription at £15.90 inc p&p. Both are great deals as you get a lot for your money, and they even offer discount if you’re buying two boxes for a multi cat household. Brilliant! The site is easy enough to navigate and has a lovely stock picture of a cat who looks very similar to Misty (easily amused).

image (1) image (2) The box itself is a good size, which to me let’s you know you’ll have a lot of goodies. You will have to be in when the postman delivers this though as it won’t fit in any letterbox. It is a rather basic brown box with the logo Cat Hampurr on, but must have had the distinctive smell of catnip or something good as Misty knew it was for her! Clever cat.
Opening the box we found it was very well packed with lovely purple tissue paper, and a welcome card on top. (It’s a sad day when you realise your pet’s box has better presentation than yours). All items were neatly packed and the box was definitely filled to capacity too. First impressions – definitely value for money!

Contents:image (3)

  • The Natural Pet Toy Company – stuffed catnip toy
  • Jolly Moggy – catnip sisal balls
  • Simply cat food tinned food (x5)
  • Arden Grange – liver treat paste
  • Sample John Burns cat food (adult and senior cat)
  • Lily’s Kitchen crunchy nibbles for cats
  • Natural Instinct discount gift voucher
  • John Burns £2 off gift voucher

image (4)Misty’s favourites from the box were definitely the food! Her tummy always comes before toys. She loved the tins of food as they had real meat in.

I added them to biscuits when feeding her and she lapped it all up. The paste was another favourite too, not a great smell, but definitely a winner where Misty was concerned. The kittens even liked it too!

The toys were great quality especially the rabbit catnip toy. Misty rolled around with this for a while tossing it up and catching it in her claws. The kittens batted it around for a bit too. She still plays with it now and again, and unlike most toys it hasn’t been ripped to shreds :)image (5) The sisal balls weren’t a huge hit with Misty unfortunately, however her kittens loved them so they weren’t a waste. The kittens batted them around and played with them while Misty watched. Unlike the rabbit toy, there wasn’t a strong smell of catnip which may have been the reason for Misty being uninterested.
The John Burns biscuits and Crunchy nibbles were great to give as treats between meals. Both Mummy and her kittens enjoyed these. I love that they provided vouchers for money off too. We shall definitely be looking to order the bigger bag soon.

This box is definitely my favourite for felines so far. I love how they’ve taken every care in choosing great products, presentation, and even provided vouchers alongside the sample bags for people wishing to purchase after trying. The toys picked for the box were all great quality and unlike some store bought toys, they’ve lasted a month or so and still going strong! The sample bags were all a decent size too and the fullsized products were all fab and favourites for Misty. I shall definitely be purchasing these for Misty as a treat once her kittens are away to their new homes. Even the box was well used, the kittens claimed this as a hideout and even a bed! Fantastic and highly recommended!

image (8)  image (7)

So thumbs up from me and five claws up from Misty and her four kittens! 

products2Cat Hampurr is the monthly subscription box exclusively for cats! Each Hampurr is packed full of high quality feline friendly goodies including food, treats and toys, many of which aren’t in the your local pet stores or the big high street chains.

£11.95 per box + £3.95 shipping

None at the moment.

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