BRUU Gourmet Tea Club – June: Tea Geek Time

Bruu Gourmet Tea Club always delivers blends packed with flavour but June’s box also brought the chance to learn bit more about the different types of tea and join the Bruu Tea Academy. I’m a bit of a tea geek and while I can tell a Chai from a white tea it was great to learn bit more about how each Bruu is made, have a bit of a history lesson and enjoy some delicious teas.

The three teas inside the box were HoneyBush Chocolate Cake, Emperors Seven Treasures and Lullaby Dreamcatcher (instead of Melfort Green as was advertised).

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The HoneyBush Chocolate Cake tea was a caramely, caffeine-free redbush style delight. I love rooibos tea and drink it by the gallon so I was keen to sample this version which was a twist on its more familiar redbush cousin. This tea is blended with honey and chocolate for a soft and semi-sweet brew which is both delicious and moreish and *almost* makes me not want to have that piece of cake.

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The second tea in the box is the Emperors Seven Treasures which is a Sri Lankan black tea blended with sencha leaves, flower petals and peach. This blend smells of peach but not in an overpowering way and I tried it both with and without milk. It’s not a strong tea and it was better on its own. I thought this gave a nice twist to a standard black tea with its gentle peachy aftertaste and it was really refreshing.

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Finally, instead of the Melfort Green tea which was advertised in the box, I was sent the gorgeous and super fragrant Lullaby Dreamcatcher tea. I’ve tried this tea before and I loved it as much now as I did then. It’s a heady combination of apple pieces, mallow blossoms, silver linden blossoms, marigold blossoms, heather blossoms, safflower and rose petals.


We’re talking beautiful aromas of fruit, flowers and blossom combined into a blend which makes you think of a balmy summer’s night. This tea is also caffeine free so it can be enjoyed while looking up at the starry sky with no fear of it interrupting your night’s sleep.

The loose teas from Bruu are always a cut above the tea bags and infusions you find on the high street. They are packed with real flavour and nothing synthetic and while you might think they would work out to be expensive, you get many cups from each sachet. If you enjoy real, high quality teas then this is the club for you. Oh and there’s always a few extra little surprises in each box too. This month there was a packed of love hearts, a lolly, a feather and a sweet saucer-style coaster.

A Bruu subscription (which gives you three teas every month and makes 40 cups) costs just £10 which I think is great value, especially when you consider the taste and quality. That’s just 25p per cup of gorgeous, gourmet tea right in your own home. Go on, show your teapot some love!

Our score: 8.2/ 10

More tasty tea from Bruu with a fun dose of Tea Geek knowledge too.

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