Bright Paper Packages – September 2016

Over the past few months, Bright Paper Packages subscribers have welcomed themes of balmy summer picnics and seaside adventures, so it comes as no real surprise that September’s box takes on a slightly different tone. As the summer draws to a thunderous conclusion, we’re all getting back to routine and bracing ourselves for autumn and- inevitably- the chill of winter. While every season has its own idiosyncratic charms, whether it’s the warmth of a chunky knit cardigan in the autumn or the festivities around Christmas, it’s always difficult to accept that the glow of the sun now dissipates earlier and our evenings are seemingly spent in darkness.

Have no fear, however; there’s joy to be found in the departure of the summer nights and the team at Bright Paper Packages assist with the transition with their September offering. How do we make this time of year more bearable and fun? It’s easy: think new stationery, a warming cuppa and a bar of luxurious chocolate, all acting as a comforting embrace. I couldn’t think of a more apt collection of items than those enclosed inside this box to get me thrilled about the months that loom ahead.

The Bright Paper Packages box arrives like an unexpected gift from a thoughtful loved one, a bursting box of secret items bundled up in a jacket of colourful tissue and individually wrapped in a rainbow of stripes and pastels. Everything is securely packed inside and accompanied with an information card, whose front design is the only indication of what wonders are assembled inside.

Bright Paper Packages Sept 2016 Package

Bright Paper Packages: September 2016 Unwrapped

  • Desk planner from Veronica Dearly
  • Green Sharpie pen
  • Pompom magnets from PomPom Galore
  • Coaster from Show Your Bones
  • Packet of tea from The English Tea Shop
  • Toffee Waffle Chocolate bar from Nomnom Chocolate
  • Subscriber information card

Bright Paper Packages Sept 2016 Planner

Admittedly, I’m weak in the knees for any beautifully crafted stationery. As such, the daily desk planner had me swooning. I was unfamiliar with the designer, Veronica Dearly, but was instantly attracted to the bold colours and playful layout. Her signature style is minimal and eye-catching, but she also produces a range of cards and other stationery items that I’ve promptly bookmarked for future gift ideas- or treats for myself. I’m an ardent list-keeper and planner, so I tend to fly through notepads and anything vaguely reminiscent of a post-it, so this will immediately be put to good use. There was even an attractive green Sharpie thrown into the box, making the perfect implement for jotting down the chaos bubbling away in my cranium.

Bright Paper Packages Sept 2016 Pompom

On the more irreverent side of things, the adorable pompom magnets form PomPom Galore are pure fun manifested in bright hues and fluffiness. They’re handmade and gorgeous, being the perfect size to stick anywhere- I tend to stick things to my IKEA bedside table, conveniently made of metal, or my swivelling make-up mirror. Infusing a bit of character into dull fixtures is always a challenge, but these compact poms are perfectly sized to impart a kick of colour anywhere.

Bright Paper Packages Sept 2016 Coaster

Another skilfully crafted item is the hand painted wooden coaster from Show Your Bones, which is a handsome addition to any coffee table. Functional and fun, it boasts another minimal, yet eye-catching, design of dots and dashes. I liked this, finding it reminiscent of Morse code, which might be a tad geeky, but it certainly made me smile. I think this appeals to my personal style and our flat’s décor, so I’ve already planned my perfect Saturday morning cup of coffee in my preferred porcelain mug (a Bright Paper packages item from a previous box!) and now a coaster to make the occasion a most dignified event. But it’s the minutia that make such domestic occasions significant. If you’re not a coffee drinker like me, a single pack of tea is included (chocolate rooibos & vanilla), just to tempt you to get the kettle on and feel sanctimonious about protecting your table top surface in style.

Bright Paper Packages Sept 2016 Nomnom

Finally, I’ve previously been candid about my penchant for discovering new chocolatiers and my deep-seated love for artisanal chocolate bars, so imagine my joy at unwrapping this Toffee Waffle Chocolate from Nomnom Chocolate. Based in Wales, the company clearly has a sense of humour- the label is clever and funny, providing the perfect reading companion for a nibble, a bite or a healthy fistful of the delicious confectionary. It’s impossible to conceive that anyone wouldn’t find the flavour combination of toffee, Venezuelan milk chocolate and cinnamon- with a hint of Anglesey sea salt- unappealing. And, unsurprisingly, it delivers. It tasted as good as it sounds.

Bright Paper Packages Sept 2016 Wrapped

There are two Bright Paper Packages subscription options: the standard monthly box and the Bright New Year option, delivering twelve monthly surprise items directly to a recipient of your choice. The regular Bright Paper Packages subscription is available at £20 with shipping included for a one-off purchase (and other subscription options are also available at £57 for three months, £111 for six and £216 for one year, all including UK shipping). The Bright New Year is available for a one-off payment of £100 (with shipping included in the UK). The former is the perfect way to spoil yourself, while the latter is the ideal gift to endear yourself to a friend or loved one.

Acting as reassurance during a difficult transition period, September seems slightly more endurable thanks to this goodie box of treasures. As with all Bight Paper Packages items, I’m eager to put all of these to use immediately. I always feel that every box has been perfectly tailored to my tastes and always anticipate my next delivery with relish- but then I also like the notion that every subscriber feels this way with the arrival of their own treasure trove.

Oh, what a lovely thought!

Our score: 9.1/ 10

After this month's Bright Paper Packages, I'll welcome the routine of September with open arms. Another great selection of surprises from a subscription box that consistently delivers.

  • Quality of products9.5
  • Originality9
  • Packaging and delivery9
  • Value for money9
  • Selection of products9

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